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Activation of the Peaceraft Doctrine


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People of the world,

A few months ago the Imperial Union has announced a doctrine made to protect Imperial and continental interests. Not long before we have granted independence to Sassain. While it makes me sad I have to announce Intelligence Reports have shown Anarchy in the former nation and as such I activate the following clause.

On Former Protectorates:
The Imperial Union will maintain the following policy on former Protectorates:
-Everything under the Peacecraft line(OOC: Northernmost border of the IU in South America), Falklands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and the Antarctic Protectorate will be considered former or current protected land.
-Should anarchy appear in any of the protected areas the Imperial Union is obliged to interfere and restore order.

As of this moment I dissolve the nation of Sassain and announce the annexation of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in addition to making it's Antarctic land part of the Greater Imperial Protectorate.


At the moment the announcement came 5,000 Soldiers mobilized and moved to the former nation, their weapons not expected to see action. In fact no action was taken at all the soldiers just moved in and were welcomed by the locals. Authorities were allowed to remain and it became another part of Atlantica.

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