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Join the Brotherhood of ARES

Three Dogg

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Have you searched and checked out many alliances not finding the one that fits your ideals?

Then ARES, The Ascended Republic of Elite States, might just be the alliance you have been waiting for.

ARES is an amazing alliance based upon the core values of team work and respect amongst our members.

We stick together through the tough times and the good ones. Plus there are many leadership roles and

jobs that all help commit to the alliance. So, your not the best militarily? Go try and trade tech for cash or

if that does not suit your fancy, try a foreign affairs position and work amongst other nations and alliances

so that all of us may coexist together.

So, you got nothing to lose, check us out at:


If you have any questions please contact me.

Nation name: US Navy SEALs

Ruler: Three Dogg

Thanks and have a great time in cybernations. Have fun.

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