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Imperial Statement Regarding Athens

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Greetings. I come before you today to give congratulations to one of my favorite alliances on planet Bob, Athens! who have reached the spectacular milestone of 20 score. Congratulations to you Athens, you are noble Gentlemen.

Now, Pacifica has had her ups and downs with Athens and particularly with Athens' score. When we first met the Athenians, they were not even yet two weeks old, but already, they were attacking us over a territorial misunderstanding regarding mushrooms, and the land in which they grew. We were furious with Athens at the dispute over the mushrooms, so we obliterated them and reduced their score as low as Pacificanly possible (roughly 70%).

What amazed us was this - far from destroying Athens, complete obliteration had only made them stronger! Other nations began to flock to the Athenian banner and take that name as their own, whole alliances were seen to do this, and as Pacificans, we grew increasingly in awe of Athens. She managed to surpass double the pre war score, a mere 4 months after they were released from terms. We, as Pacificans, began to wonder if perhaps our efforts had begotten the opposite effect from what we intended, and perhaps even if our intentions had been opposite from what they should have been.

Regrettably, it was not long before we were embroiled in yet another property dispute with Athens, this time over a jar of salsa verde. I am not sure why we have fought with the Athenians so much over food products. Perhaps it is because Londo shares our taste in fine cuisine. In any case, we vigorously engaged in a full scale nuclear war with Athens over the salsa jar. While this lowered our mighty Pacifican score to less than a third of its pre-war value, Athens score doubled yet again in the middle of the war.

We, as Pacificans, have learnt that we can never defeat the Greeks by force of arms, for while fighting weakens most, for Athens, it only serves to bolster and double their score. It was then that we devised our current cunning plan of flooding them and most of their allies with free shipments of technology. After all, had the mighty Pacifica itself not been defeated after we had consumed much technology in a similar fashion? Like the Horse which won the Achaeans victory over Troy, our shipments of technology shall win victory over Athens, in time. Already it has slowed their growth rate, for they have only gained about 2 score since the end of the Karma War, to reach their current state of 20 score.

Be warned by our experience. Do not attempt to engage Athens in warfare. You will be badly beaten in the end, and their score will double. Once might be a coincidence, but twice? As Pacificans we refuse to believe this. The only solace I, the Emperor of Pacifica, can take from our interactions with mighty Athens, is that our former protectorate of them and their current protectorate of us, if taken in conjuncture, would constitute an agreement of mutual defense. It pleases me to state, that through the path of war and we can look to Athens as 'allies'.

The future can only get better from here. We have learned the strengths and weaknesses of Athens now, and as Pacificans, we have come to appreciate their honor and strength. So here is to a brave new world and a bold new future!

Athens prevails!

Pacifica prevails!

Emperor Cortath

New Pacific Order

Comrade Chuckles

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Very interesting synopsis, War is responsible for Growth in Athens; however, according to Londo Mollari, it is not so much war that is responsible for growth, but rather the paradigm of Athens. If semioticist situationism holds, Athens is split between postcultural construction and the modern paradigm of discourse. In a sense, an abundance of narratives concerning the postcapitalist paradigm of reality may be discovered to explain growth in Athens.

The characteristic theme of Parry’s model of subtextual structuralist theory is a self-sufficient paradox. The subject is contextualised into a neomodernist narrative that includes growth as a totality. But Lacan suggests the use of the postcapitalist paradigm of reality to read and eventually, deconstructionism.

If the postcapitalist paradigm of Athens growth holds, we have to choose between the subcultural paradigm of context and textual discourse. However, the subject is interpolated into a neomodernist narrative that includes growth as a paradox.

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o/ Pacifica!

o/ Athens!

might i add that it took all of the greeks to even match the Trojans >_> not only that but the greeks only breached the walls of Troy using trickery :P idk bout anybody else but that speaks to the fortitude of Troy XD

also grats and great announcement!

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