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Konnichiwa Planet Bob

From this day forward, FOUND is Ronin and Ronin is FOUND. Ronin is proud to welcome the members of FOUND into our humble clan. Having worked with these guys for much longer than most realize, I speak for all of Ronin when I say we are glad that FOUND has found a home with us.

The FOUND AA is under the protection of Ronin and her allies for a period of 30 days to give people more than enough time to change Alliance Affiliations to Ronin. So hands off. The =LOST= and FOUND MDoAP will be carrying over to Ronin as well.

It should also be noted that Werner retains all intellectual property such as the name, charter and forums for FOUND. There will be no BTA incident if they decide to reform someday.

<Werner[FOUND]> It's been a great eight months at the helm of FOUND. We've come a long way since our inception, hitting 400k NS, and kicking some butt in our war that we fought against GGA, but now we'll start a new chapter with Ronin. I look forward to the coming good times! :D o/ Ronin o/ FOUND


Government of Ronin:

AirMe, Emperor of Ronin

Nitemare, Shogun of Ronin

Lokie, Kampaku of Ronin

don_bidarin, Daimyo of Foreign Affairs

JF, Daimyo of Military

HisK, Daimyo of Internal Affairs

KingDingaLing, Daimyo of Finance

Membership of Ronin



















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My saber dissipates in tremendous sorrow as our stalwart allies, FOUND, relinquish their existence. However, my saber beams bright in colossal triumph to know that these friendships shall persist and we have reinvigorated our friendships with those in Ronin.

You have chosen good company Werner and friends.

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There goes one dumb quitting-CN idea I had. Thought it would be fun to join =LOST= for a couple days and then join FOUND before I deleted, so that I could set my bio to "I once was =LOST=, but now I'm FOUND."


Seriously though... Congrats on the merger. :) Ronin seems like a great bunch.


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