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Simple, there are countless DoW's out there with ranging from 1 line to an entire story. Show off your favorite!

My contribution, lets see if anyone remembers this gem :

Genmay Declaration of War

I'm sure many of you are aware of The Legion / Valhalla dharma. Being that Genmay has really no relations with either alliance, it was determined this wasn't our fight.


Recently we found out there was a celebrity walking within our ranks, we don't know who it is, but apparently he's best friends with another celebrity who resides somewhere in Valhalla. And who is this celebrity? Why, it's none other than PAUL WALKER himself. Leaked screens show a log between Paul Walker and the Valhalla celebrity, that celebrity being Daniel Radcliffe, better known as Harry Potter:




We're not sure whether or not this is actually Paul Walker or if someone just snagged his MSN account from his wikipedia page, but one thing is for sure: Paul Walker doesn't lie.

Legion, spying isn't funny, but nude pictures are a travesty, and the Genmay considers itself in a state of war with The Legion, and until you achieve surrender terms with them fellas over at Valhalla, and dispose of any obscene pictures of our dear Dan on your hard drives, we'll continue to roll on, ricer style, just as Paul likes it.


The Genmay Alliance

Bossk, Premier

Seiferguy, Minister of Foreign Affairs

MaoKhan, Minister of Domestic Affairs

Eigervue, Minister of Justice

Kueller, Minister of Defense

(To clarify, we have no targets, so this is more of a declaration of support, for our little Dan).


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That LUE one is pretty epic. Also, despite my great IC distaste for the war as a whole, the Star Wars themed DoW on GATO by NPO and the related (infamous) peace mode doctrine were also epic.

Several FAN DoWs (Operation Overlord and VietFAN particularly) were good as I recall, but I can't be bothered trawling the documents to find them.

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=LOST= DoW on NpO. No contest.




It is a dark time, my friends…those of you that we can call friends. As we look out across the plains of Planet Bob, piled high are the carcasses of our fallen soldiers, stabbed so brutally in the back. Those that would once reach out hands in friendship, now stain their hands with our blood and revel in the heat this blood brings to their cold skin.

Long have we watched, as the different factions choose sides. While the weak continue to flock to those perceived as the stronger, circling like cadaverous vultures, striking at those that hold the true strength in this world. We, the members of =LOST=, view this act of shameful aggression for what it truly is: A veiled attempt by jealous factions to steal power and cut the upper branches of our mighty tree so that they, the unworthy low shrubs and moss, might taste the sun that our canopy enjoys.

=LOST=, the League of Shadows Treaty, while few in number, condemn this coalition of aggressive bandwagon jumpers, and we shall use our forces to stab into the cold hearts of our enemies. It is with great honor that we activate our MADP with the righteous Mushroom Kingdom and their noble allies, by declaring war on the New Polar Order.

Our only regret is that we can not rip from your rotting corpse more putrid limbs than what you already possess. The cowardice that seeps from your growing ranks festers like an open wound on the flesh of our planet. We gladly join this battle to cull the weak from the herd. The scars we gain through victory in this war will proudly be displayed as badges of honor among our true friends.

Onward, =LOST= warriors, to victory!


General Vengeance

Emperor of =LOST=

Johnny No Legs

Vice Chancellor of =LOST= and Minister of Internal Affairs


Minister of War

Barron Von Hammer

Minister of Intelligence

Oberfurher Stevens

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sinister Minister

Minister of Public Relations

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Several FAN DoWs (Operation Overlord and VietFAN particularly) were good as I recall, but I can't be bothered trawling the documents to find them.

FAN announcements in general were pretty awesome.

Operation Overlord in FAN-NOV war is the best declaration ever in my opinion.

I agree.


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The GOONS declaration of war against FAN in FAN-WUT war is pretty amazing too because of what happened with GOONS after in UJW.

Dear FAN,

When did you decide that it was a good idea to try to overthrow NPO without calling us first? Maybe if you'd been a bit more circumspect and a bit less gloryseeking you could have come to your excellent friends the GOONS and we could have betrayed our Pacifican overlords together. I mean, if we went, it wouldn't have been just us; we have a bunch of satellite alliances we could have brought to the fight, like Genmay. I mean, the invincible warriors of FAN could cripple the top ranks of the NPO without any serious effort, but without the critical low-end support your larger nations are going to get surrounded and obliterated by the mindless Pacifican herd. Since you've closed all your communications channels, we haven't been able to co-ordinate a synchronized betrayal, so the only option have left is to continue toiling as the NPO's wretched servants. Now we're going to have to wait for Polar or GGA to come up in the rankings before we have another opportunity to launch a surprise coup again.

Yours in Christ,


P.S. With much love: http://cngoons.googlepages.com/jihadibear.gif


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The video versions of the FAN announcements done by Arcades are pretty funny.

I remember at least one of those. I laughed, but it didn´t do the original form justice.

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It was too epic for a small war, but it looked so cool.

Ahhh... I remember that one. Being on the receiving end of it! :lol1:

It was real good though. I remember watching it and thinking "Oh SH*T..."

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Maybe it's arrogance, but I've always liked this. Maybe it's because of the almost universal support in the replies, in large part from people would in the following months switch to condemning Vox and supporting the Continuum, and then go full circle come April. Either way, I always find it enjoyable to, on occasion, take a walk down memory lane and read that thread over again.

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And I just remembered this: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55380

A boot stamping on Legion's face...forever! :lol:

Simple, yet quite brilliant I thought.

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