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Experiences through the Karma and Post Karma Era


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So I thought while reading the reconstruction program for NPOs Francograd, lets hear your experiences in the Karma War and Post Karma War Eras

Keep it clean, keep it civil and no damn trolling.

My Experiences

Well GATO was netural durring the entire conflict and remains officially neutral on Post Karma War politics. However GATO's MoFA wanted ambassadors so I signed up and got appointed to NPO - IN THE MIDDLE OF A NUCLEAR CLUSTER-FEAST.

So I packed my bags to head to Francograd wondering what I would find.

Well the city was a mess and the SDIs at the Fort faught bravely in defending the Old City. I arrived at Embassy Quarter to discover the place was a mess from looted embassies and bombs missing their mark. GATO's embassy was still pretty much intact but had suffered damage from being defunct since Viceroy days and looting.

I moved and found out the Fall Out Shelter was still intact, thank God for that as that is where I was until the war was over, popping up to the surface periodically to get supplies in the Old City.

This is what I endured durring the war


This is the entrance to the shelter some 75m below the embassy, this blast door would be the only thing protecting me if the Embassy Quarter got rolled or took a direct nuclear strike


This is where everyday we got decontaminated after venturing outside - bloody cold and horrid


The corridor linking the rooms of the shelter. The shelter was large as it cold hold 200 peeps, so it was holding GATO Diplomats as well as any other alliance's brave diplomats as well


This is where we slept, with the sound of bombs and nukes going off constantly around us


Transportation, with Francograds Transportation out of action, bikes were the main way of moving around. Just don't forget your pass or be shot onsite.


The backup crappers if the main bunker ones fail



The air and water filtration systems that kept us alive when all that radio active crap was flying or floating around.

The time there was bleak but being a diplomat the job had to be done

When the war was over and it was safe to come out I could rebuild the embassy back to its former self and not worry about getting my $@! shot off when visiting the Emperor's Office

Post Karma war I am glad I am back on the surface enjoying the fresh air and sun, good to see the rebuilding on the way - speaking of which GATO is refurbishing their embassy at GATO.

Funds were finally made available to rebuild the old wooden hut into this piece of neo modernism


This new facility will be open by Christmas and will hold the GATO Ambassador to NPO as well as the GATO Consul General to Sanctioned Alliances.

I look forward to entertaining Comrade Chuckles when this building is open (Barbula and Laserwolf are paying for the booze and dancers ;) )

o/ NPO


References to Pics used



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Fought MaGneT of DT. I had a rough start (hadn't fought a real war since UJW), but did pretty well after that. When Sparta came in I expected to get triple-teamed. Nothing happened. After we surrendered I joined TPF... I still had over 500m in the warchest. Spent the next few months like this: Come out of hippy, raid an enemy nation, nuke the hell out of him and his buddies, go back to hippy, buy nukes, repeat. First I fought TGR and NSO (Voodoo, you still owe me a nuke :P ), but they white-peaced us a couple days later. Then I fought CCC (who impressed me despite none of them having nukes... They just kept coming) and an FoB guy who never left Defcon 5 and had a warchest of precisely $0.00. For a while after that I mostly fought PC. They had their whole alliance armed to the teeth and were awesome fighters, but I had a huge warchest going for me. At this point I had fallen to 1k infra and was rebuying to stay nuke-capable. The guys I was fighting were in the same bind, so it came down to who could bleed the other dry first. Sometimes I'd break one of them towards the end, other times we'd just nuke each other til the war expired. I also fought a couple MK, including Rebel Virginia, who at the time was planning to quit CN and just wanted to take one last nuke. :P For the longest time nobody wanted to take me on for a second round. Every time I went out of hippy I expected to never be let back in... But time and again I walked away after one round of war. It wasn't until the last few weeks that anyone came back for more, and even then they only came in ones and twos. Towards the end I got hit by a couple nukeless NV guys. They didn't have much in the way of tech or warchests... I ZTed them both. Also had one more NV guy a bit later who was similar... He got enough aid to stay above ZT though. Finally, I fought one last CCC guy. He went on the forums and talked about his version of "bravery", which included never going to hippy to rebuy nukes, and always attacking any enemies in range (even when you're only going to end up funding them). I gladly replenished my nation's coffers and martyred his willing citizens. Then on the last night of the war, I temp traded with someone... And the trade I deleted was uranium. :facepalm: So I never got that last nuke in. All in all I fought and nuked 20 nations, was nuked by 8, and ZTed 2.

I helped with FoB reps, and when we were cleared for outside aid I went home to TOOL. TCK couldn't find me any aid targets due to the sheer volume of people asking to help TPF. So I offered to aid Avalon. Then my trade circle bit the dust, so I decided to wait until I got it fixed to pay bills and send aid. Still haven't gotten it fixed... I suck at nation building. <_<


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Good reads so far. I don't have too many stories.

I was in IPA at the time, fought NATO. NATO and IPA had reached a nuke-free policy, so no one got nuked except for one incident. NATO peaced out and I had to hit hippie mode as I took a sabbatical (ooc: went on vacation for a week). When I got back IPA had re-entered the war to fight IRON, but all the good targets were taken, so I just picked up strays and those with an open slot. Overall I ended up growing in this war, as I had in WoTC.

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During the Karma war, I was in Vox. I got a !@#$ ton of fighting experience there, and it was fun stuff. After Vox disbanded, I went a month and a half or so with out an alliance. Then I joined The Realm, which then merged into FIRE. I couped a guy and then left. Eventually, after another month or so of being unaligned, I helped found my current alliance, the most recent incarnation of Browncoats. It hasn't even been that long since the Karma war, but already I've done a ton and experienced a lot :P

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Most fun to talk to: KindestKid and Boulder

Most fun to listen to: DonFernando

Most fun to Annoy: Azaghul :P

Edit: Post-Karma... Ima learning about this sledding thing and how to nation-build properly. I'm afraid my old mentor failed to disclose this vital info.

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I fought in the Karma War for Viridia. I knew MCXA had me at the top of their target list, didn't really care. I stayed in war mode, attacked TheAUT when he approached me over IRC and asked me to declare war on him. MCXA finally arrived, and as I expected, two of their Chancellors and their Minister of Finance attacked me. They were all about 10k NS bigger than me and I started to get hammered. I asked VE for backup but we'd overdeployed on NPO and none was forthcoming. I approached Nelchael and asked for Nueva Vida to switch targets from IRON. They rolled in and MCXA surrendered.

I then attacked NPO. I literally lost count of the nations I attacked. I do know that I fought Moo, Mary and Bilrow, who were all very pleasant to fight. I started to take a pounding from all the nukes that were fired at me (sixteen in total.) I made friends with a Pacifican at this time, Litha, and sent her 3m to avoid bill-lock. I then paid reparations to VE to make up for this. I look back at that these days and wonder if I did the right thing, but at the time I had an 'anything for my friends' outlook.

NPO were offered terms that conflicted with my Voxian ethics and the very reasons I was fighting in the war. I resigned from Viridia that same evening. Viridia saw this as desertion and informed me to return or be ZIed. I negotiated with them and agreed to pay them reparations instead, which was rather difficult at the time as I had 200 infra. If I didn't pay this within a certain time schedule, I would be ZIed. I remained unaligned for a week, before some guy called Carter offered to pay my reparations if I became Minister of Foreign Affairs for his new alliance, FIRE. I gave it fifteen minutes thought and joined the alliance. There was significant internal conflict there and I left a few weeks later, shortly before the coup and disbandment of the alliance.

I then remained unaligned for a month and a half, formed Crimson Guard, then joined NPO, but this is getting rather longer than I expected already.

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I blew stuff up, was called a tyrant, was called a viceroy, was called an !@#$%^&, was called a savior, was called a tech whore, was calling a drunk, was called a military genius, was called a military moron, was called the wrath of karma.

EDIT: [ooc] oh yah I also remember staying up 5 days straight popping adderol to stay awake and concentrate, finally crashed on the 6th day [ooc]

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Well, i was still in Gre back then and I got called into gov because no one else was there to do the job, but working with LM and Eg was awesome. Our entry into the war was unexpected even for military officials (communication fail), so we had no time to prepare, but we made the best of it and hammered nukes towards IRON.

I know i once stayed up a whole night to send out pms and to distribute targets. It was really awesome to see what our military machine was able to dish out in damage. And with IRON we had a worthy opponent.

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Well the first part of my Karma experience was waking up at 1am on a Wednesday to counter an IRON blitz that didn't come. Damn you IRON! :P

Then two days later CSN entered the war against GDA. Certainly a lot less fun than fighting IRON. :( One of my targets surrendered after two days, the other after three (the second guy nuked me twice). The only real notable thing about my fight was that I never lost a single ground battle, even after being nuked. My Pentagon was working like a Decagon. :P GDA itself surrendered a day later, and NADC shortly after, so the war was over before I could get out of Anarchy and do more fighting. :(

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