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When in the course of natural events it becomes necessary for one alliance to dissolve the political bands which have connected it with another, an official pronouncement must be made. It has always been a fundamental Ragnarok philosophy that treaties should be built on relationships, not the other way around. Having recently conducted a full and extensive treaty review, the government of Ragnarok has concluded that the following treaties are no longer commensurate with the current level of relationship existing between our two alliances:

The Fundamentals: A RoK-NATO Production

Ragnablok: Epicurean

Notification of termination of these two accords was delivered in private 24 hours ago. Per the final articles of both treaties, both will officially expire 24 hours hence.

Additionally, Ragnarok would like to take this opportunity to note that the alliance Orion appears to have disbanded. As such, our MDoAP with them is considered null and void as of tonight.

Ragnarok bears no ill will towards either of these alliances and wishes them and their members all the best in the future. We sincerely hope to repair relations in the coming months, as both of these alliances have strong historical connections to Ragnarok.

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I'm sad to see ties cut between longstanding allies, but it came to a point where the treaty just didn't represent where we were as allies. I wish both NATO and Epicurean the best of luck in the future.

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