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Dragonisian Elections

Maelstrom Vortex

Which character should lead Dragonisia?  

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This is not going to be your typical "votem in" style rp poll. This is purely ooc. The question is:

"Which character do you think would be most interesting for me to proceed with leading Dragonisia?"

Keep in mind, this isn't a question of who do you want to win ICly, it is a question about story potential and just the interest you have in the particular character type presented. You can use your own criterion. I cannot guarantee I will follow the poll either, I will make my own decision after weighing the thoughts of the community. Feel free to comment about any plot ideas or reasons why you happened to vote for a particular character. This is one of few chances you have to shape the story around a nation that is not your own.

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What? No radical make-a-major-and-unforeseen-difference person? :P

Ivan Dragoska looks like a man who wants to bring back the Dragon Empire, and I'd think it would be interesting if you could somehow resurrect it again; so I may have a country/have it back on the world stage for interaction & inter-continental relations :D.

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