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Confederation of Arctic Nations


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Confederation of Arctic Nations

I. Preamble

The undersigned nations- Disparu, Eggman Empire, Cyneriice Northan, and the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia (hereby known as Grøenlandia) – are sovereign independent entities who sign this pact to ensure peace, justice, well-being, and security for the mutual betterment of the respective signatories.

II. Non-Aggression

The aforementioned nations agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of any other member nation that does not specifically ask for said interference. Nor will any signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to another signatory.

III. Mutual Defense

The aforementioned nations agree to a pact of mutual defense and pledge to defend any member of this treaty that is being attacked by a foreign aggressor. If a nation is waging a defensive war, the signatories promise to provide military, intelligence, and civilian aid to ensure the survival of the threatened nation.

a. Member nations are not required to assist in any aggressive war started by another. Though their help is suggested in a just war, it is by no means required through this document.

IV. Economical Advancement

The nations in this treaty agree to support trade amongst each other, and free-trade agreements between the signatories are highly suggested. In addition, member nations agree to help support less advanced signatories through favorable contracts and deals.

V. Headquarters

The member nations agree to staff a Confederation of Arctic Nations headquarters in the city of St. Mystere. The undersigned nations agree to staff the building with diplomats at all times to ensure urgent issues can be quickly dealt with.

VI. Membership

Nations may apply to join this treaty. There are no requirements, however geographical position in the Arctic circle or close proximity to other member nations is suggested. Applicant nations may be accepted with a majority vote.

If signatories feel a nation in the treaty no longer has the best interests of others in mind and does not live up to the ideals presented in the preamble, the signatories may expel the unfavorable nation with a supermajority (2/3) vote.

VII. Amendments

Any part of this treaty can be amended with a supermajority vote besides Article II.

VIII. Termination

No nation shall be forced to stay in this treaty against their will. Thus, any nation may leave this pact so long as they give a five day notice before withdrawal. The nation may apply to rejoin at any time.

IX. Signatures

This treaty was ratified on the date of October 15th, in the year of our Lord 2009. The undersigned agree to uphold this treaty to the best of their ability.

Signed for the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia,

Forseti Ty Eyvindsson

Forsætisráðherra Ísólfur Ármannsson

Utanríkisráðherra Steingrímur Vilhjálmsson

Official Approval from the Senatus

Signed for the Federation of Disparu,


Lance Pikachurin

King of Disparu

Master of Chateau Eterna

Master of Chateau Jubilife

Maylene Buizel-Pikachurin

Queen of Disparu

Chatelaine of Chateau Eterna

Chatelaine of Chateau Jubilife

Signed for Cyneriice Northan,

Her Majesty the Crowned Ruler by Birthright,

Queen Cybil of House de Blanc

Lady of Affairs,

Lady Selena of House Rosario

Lord of Diplomatic Affairs,

Lord Gerard of House Kangelrarpok

Signed for the Eggman Empire,

Blyzar Dreth;

Head Minister of External(foreign) Affairs

Phil Ryst;

Head Minister of Defense

Approved via radio by Sammyace Kintober, Emperor of Eggman Empire, and Iblis Kray; Chancellor of Eggman Senate

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