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Three year anniversary


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Hi all,

I crashed into Bob back in July-Augustish of '06, smack-dab in the middle of old'Ivy's (the BIG M, Mister Moldavi) step down as head honcho of the Big Red (all hail, Pacifica' the rightful protector of the red team) Machine.

Six months after the blessed creation of the 'Verse.

Man, I didn't know what I was getting myself into; never been to a place like Bob before, I could OMG!look @ ma house!!! on my nation map, and went out looking for a color and The Man to rebel against.

I was Green for a few days because my nation was outdoorsy, Red for a minute when I applied to the NPO, than Blue after I read about the dreadful COLOR-N-ISE of BLUE!!! My ruler's also favorite color along with Greed and Red!!! (thanks than-brand new CN wiki)



I would be the peasants rebelling against The Man, not A Man,


I would fight for the lil' guy and Freedom!

Or, so I thought..

Than I realized how truly Admin-awful I am as the leader of a nation, even joining an obscure, two-week long alliance called the United Egalitarian Nations (any of you three other guys still around? haha) as a complete NOoB.

When that alliance folded and decided to join ODN, I left because I don't like the color Orange. :P

Next, I got to perusing the newly created Player-Created Alliances thread!!! It was so cool!!!

I thought about GATO but thought they were hacks.

I thought about joining the NAAC but didn't like or believe how good they were at war even though the NPO pwned them at every big chance, so I decided to go-it as an independent nation in a SOVEREIGN, UPCOMING, FREE!!! Coalition of hard-working Blue States..

The North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

From the start, I was determined to prove myself; engaging in a few defensive wars, spying on a treasonous member, and investigating the strange rouging on our alliance by a member of The Dark Side (or something like that).. an alliance of a few Sith-claiming guys who were determined to one day control everything on Bob..

Yes.. I'm being serious but am sure that its just a coincidence with the NSO.. I think :i dunno:

From there, I created a short story about my nation and was invited to join a newish alliance called the Federation of Armed Nations..

God I wish I joined.

At the NADC I proposed a bit of legislation to protect the rights of the states yet centralize the active core into a new economic infrastructure called the nation building project; a pet of EmperorCharlesVI.

He was as convinced as I that we should let the ole' blowhards from GW1 have at it while we grew huge with the newly-created donation system, amazing graphics and foreign affairs industry, and separation from the two-sided MDP web in the landmark establishing bloc GUARD; Grand Union of Alliances for Rapport and Defense.

I owned recruitment, diplomacy, finance (in-spite of my idiot nation-building skills) and was unanimously elected than appointed to the Senate than Press Secretary, Finance Councilor, Recruitment Officer, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and Tech Corp helper-outer.

This service, combined with my attempted pursuance of a reconciliation between Azure, Nadjia and their predecessor alliances OIN and IAA. I got IAA to think about joining a voting bloc with the NADC for the senate while we got the Coalition to become a rival to the influence of NAAC (who shafted us, than begged for us to help them in GW2) and NpO (who were ALWAYS helpful, nice but more than a little cool to us.. not wanting us to steal their thunder because folks thought NADC was prettier.)

...There was an obscene "generation gap" that some folks felt toward us because we were "newcomers" and weren't around for the blasphemous "Week-Long GREAT WAR!!!" which while it must've been fun, you guys really need to accept that GW2 was really the first..

(right there I'm wrong, in that case KARMA would be the first.. dang I'm stupid haha!)



I was on one night for /b/'s disintegration and created the first thread about declaring war on them for a couple of their member's actions.

Before I knew it, that was the first cog in my leg at the NADC since EC didn't like no one.. no one circumventing his schtik of alliance opinion; something which completely violated the freedom of speech in the Coalition but was understandable since I had a BIG MOUTH.

And on it goes..

I started fighting with the GOONs after their annihilation of FARK (at that time I think it had gone on for like two days.. I fought with them throughout it until..) until Shark Week!

At that time, I was getting fed up w the direction we were going; King Chris had been ABSOLUTELY RIGHT all along and I really do wish I supported him and DoomKid... or at least made a better case to EC. I thought EC was destroying GUARD so that the NADC could cozy up to the NPO during our jump in influence after GW2/3 as the only free, independent bloc from the Initiative; I could see his line of thinking, knew it had merits, but still felt differently.

Upon contemplating forming an Elite-GUARD alliance with former military officers from NAAC, tactics from a spying-on FAN member and the active nations of GUARD alliances; it would have been a legion of GUARD stormtroopers.. EC branded me as a traitor even though he knew that the purpose of the Elite-GUARD was to defend GUARD and that its members would still retain affiliation with their official alliances.

With that being said, the "conspirators" that I was involved with weren't necessarily the most genuine guys in the world and I can't say I'd do anything differently if I had been in EC's position.

He balked.

Refusing to share Coalition knowledge, acquired from TI-membership bating by Pacifica, with our ACTUAL allies in UCN, CSN, ONOS, RIA and IAA friends.

At this time, GOONs pounced during Shark Week; me, branded as a traitor and having temporarily joined the new alliance Sparta, was attacked by a single dude.

I gave Sparta all the NADC NBP info, acquired by EC from NPO, and went rogue on GOONs in a RaGe of FuRy!!@!!

there I just mooned u

I came back from time to time to sell everything and give all that I owned to Fark! Remaining a vocal opponent/troll against TI and then nuking 3 very powerful GOON nations.

I re-rolled unsuccessfully a few times although GOONs never found me.. remaining a frustrated troll; my fall from grace complete, I regretted that the work I had done in the Coalition was looked at negligibly and with a faint of disgust by its new members.

It was than, that I realized that Bob is not personal.. its business..

and joined the brand new Grand Lodge of Freemasons after short stints in NPO, GR and begrudgingly couldn't join FAN because they were getting rolled.

xxxBelmontxxx was dead.



Since then, I've grown up a lot but continue to enjoy the lulz of vocal sparring matches with GOONs; you guys remind me of the good ole' days and I thank you for that, I think you're a great alliance and think that Bob is lucky you were reformed and that some of your most famous members are back around.

I've been a founding member of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons, having left to have fun with a one-man alliance called the Red Cross for a while, and have learned much during my time here..

I have never had so much fun on Bob since GW2 and have decided to pursue that elite-GUARD idea with a new endeavor; something that I hope will be quite different.


I know I'm a never-was and never-has been but want to thank Almighty Admin and the denizens of Bob for providing me with three years of fun, sparring and friendship.

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A lot of people say they are never-weres and never-have-beens, but, in all honesty, you will learn that sometimes the people who are the smallest faces in the crowd, are the most influential. You, whether you know it or not, from Belmont, to ModusOperandi, have been watched by a lot of people, not because you were a big name, but because you were not.

Especially by me. Big-name people are fun to watch, but often you don't learn as much from them as the little guy, the one who thinks he's not important but really is.

Congrats on the mile stone, and I hope you see many more.

This is, indeed, a very fun game, and I thank you, and the others, for keeping me interested for well over 3 years.

Thanks again.

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Belmont? Didn't know you were still around...

It was really to bad about that whole Elite-GUARD thing (Sentinels iirc?)... not only did we lose a whole bunch of good members to that debacle but it also signaled the start of GUARD backwards movement... it wasn't long after that things started imploding.

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Aww thanks guyz!!! I really appreciate the sentiment Asriel!! That's very nice to hear. :D Bilrow you have always known just what to say and your one-liners are priceless; there's no wonder that you're in the hall of fame haha.

Blacky!! I remember that vid!! I still check it out from time to time; the whole army dance-off competition is unreal!

And Cobalt is STILL here!!! If I could change just one thing in my time it'd be how that entire affair was handled. I still think that EC was a good guy who had the best intentions, just didn't agree with his closed door approach to things; GUARD had SO much potential back in the day, if only we knew how to harness it. :D

Nippy, I kinda picked up where I left off back then; tbh I think you guys are right about a WHOLE lot of things and I missed you when you weren't around, things just weren't the same. )): GOONS! )):

I honestly can't wait to see how the next year unfolds, seeing Schatt get excited in a thread because of all the disagreements woke me up and made me realize how the environment is the closest (and has the potential to be even better) than the fun we all had way back when.

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Nippy, I kinda picked up where I left off back then; tbh I think you guys are right about a WHOLE lot of things and I missed you when you weren't around, things just weren't the same. )): GOONS! )):

You've warmed the cockles of my heart, good sir. ;)

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