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Rise of the Phoenix

Madame Unicorn

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OOC: This is kind of a back story to my new leader's uprising... It'll be added onto as I set up a 'new Annihilation'


An old man sits in a darkened room, at a dusty wooden desk. He looks tired and very dishevelled, his clothes are covered in mud and his silver hair is stringy and lifeless. His eyes, however, look alive, and full of a fire that would suggest that this man has gone through some hard times, and now wants what is rightfully his. He will fight for what is his.

The old man shuffles some papers around the desk, his fingertips dancing over the papers as he picks them up and reads them, smiling at the paper as if it were to smile back at him. He spends awhile doing this, muttering under his breath at the contents of some of the papers. The pristine whiteness of the papers glow softly in the darkness. The old man sighs, having spent enough time with the documents and slams his hand down on the table, before picking up his pistol, a GA 11mm semi-automatic, and grinning as he holds it gently in his hands, moving his fingertips over the barrel, checking for scratches or marks of any kind. The old man casts his eyes lovingly over the cold piece of metal before laying it gently down on the desk.

A knock at the doors to the room snaps the old man into reality. He brushes his hands down his worn clothes and stands expectantly behind the desk, his beloved pistol now at his side.

“Enter” his voice sounds like that of a powerful and important man. The door opens as a young woman enters the room. She looks scared, her eyes darting around the room before resting on the old man standing behind the desk. The young woman smiles and extends her hand, walking slowly towards the old man. He backs away, slowly raising his left arm to point the pistol at the woman.

“Who are you? Who do you work for?” His powerful voice quivers slightly as he aims the pistol at the woman.

“My name? Well my name is Constance. I used to work for Madame Unicorn. I used to help run this country. I used to be good at my job. Before the civil war. Now I’m just not sure.”

The old man smiles as the woman looks down at her feet.

“I’m thinking that I should probably kill you right now.” The old man’s smile widens. “Just like I helped to kill Madame Unicorn. She used this very pistol to commit suicide, you know?”

The young woman looks up at the old man as he lays the pistol down on the desk, her eyes wide with shock.

“You murderer! Why did you do that? Madame Unicorn had a son, and she had a future! How could you do such a thing?”

The old man walked around the desk towards the young woman.

“I helped her because she didn’t want to go on. She knew the people would not want her as a leader, and she knew that she could not lead Annihilation the way I can. I can make this country something to be feared by all, and respected by many. I can make this backwards hell-hole into a glorious and strong nation!”

The old man reached back to the desk and grabbed his pistol, aiming it between the young woman’s eyes, his fingertip light on the trigger.

“Now are you going to help me, or not?”

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“Now are you going to help me, or not?”

The old man stares at Constance. Normally he hates the sight of other people around him, especially young females. His eyes are narrow and seem full of hate. His arm is raised steady in the air as his hand is wrapped around his beloved pistol, aiming it at the young female standing before him.

Constance’s eyes open wide as this seemingly strange man aims his gun at her head, ready to kill her with a moment’s notice. She then smiles and walks toward the old man, the palms of her hands facing upwards. Her eyes are fixated upon the man the whole time, and as she stops moving, her hand moves up to push the gun down to the ground.

“Of course I’ll help you. I want to help make Annihilation a powerful nation. I want to honour Madame Unicorn’s legacy by...”

A loud cracking sound reverberates around the room as the old man slaps Constance.

“Do not ever mention that vile name in my presence ever again!” The old man’s voice is thunderous as Constance falls to the floor, half of her face red from being hit.

“I want to eradicate all memory of Madame Unicorn from this world. She was a pathetic leader, so weak and too polite for this job. Not to mention stupid. You must never mention her again. Stupid girl.”

Constance jumps up, her face still red and sore looking. She glares at the old man, who is now sitting at the desk. He looks up and smiles at Constance.

“Be a dear and go get me a coffee would you? I need to start looking at the current shape of this military and what I want them to do. Oh and by the way, you deserved that slap. But I need you because you know how the old government works. You know the people. Without you, this country will become nothing.”

Constance looks around, her mind spinning. She had just been slapped, and then the old man, her new boss, acted like nothing had happened. ‘What a weird situation I’m in...’ She thought.

“Of course, I will help you. I apologise for mentioning that name. I will not do it in your presence again. Whatever you want to achieve, I can help.”

The old man looks up, the papers now shuffled into piles ready to be read and categorised.

“Oh, and Constance, from now on you must address me as ‘My Lord’. Understood?”

Her back is turned to the old man, but as she reaches the doors, she turns back to look at the old man.

“Of course, My Lord.” The doors close with a slam as thunder cracks outside.

As quickly as the storm takes hold, the winds of change have already arrived.

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Constance opened the slider and walked out onto the balcony, breathing in the fresh air as the wind hit her with a gentle coldness. She looked around and smiled, the city of Ilam crawling with construction workers and building projects. Change was in the air, and everyone knew it. The old man had literally thrown money at the city, infrastructure getting a major facelift. Public goods had been either updated or created, and everyone seemed to appreciate this major upheaval. Mass transport had been developed, with cheap and efficient buses taking people where they needed to go. Other cities around the country had been massively updated. Sumner, the harbour city had been transformed as a massive sea-port city, with huge international shipping companies slowly using Sumner as a world-class port, importing and exporting commodities and helping to boost the local economy.

Constance walked back inside and sat at her desk, shuffling through the various newspapers and press releases that had to be given to the old man. Their relationship was not great, to say the least, but Constance knew there was a caring and sweet soul inside of the hard shell that was her boss.

The old man, on the other hand, could only tolerate the young girl to a point. Still, she had helped him to redevelop Annihilation, and was always ready to answer his questions with a smile. Maybe, he thought, she wasn’t that bad after all.

Constance felt a buzzing sensation in her pocket and sighed, pulling out the pager that the old man had given her. She stood up, putting on a warm smile and entering his office. The old man looked up and smiled stiffly before beckoning her forward.

“These reports you’ve given me – they’re rather amazing. Are you SURE we’ve had 70,000 enlist for the military?” The old man’s face looked stunned, as if someone had slapped him. Constance stifled a giggle and sat down in front of his desk.

“Yes, My Lord. We have had over 70,000 applications for the army, and nearly all of them are up to the job. What’s astounding is the number of civilians we have registered, which is currently sitting at 201,600. And growing.”

The old man smiled, and stood up, walking over to the window and looking out at the city below him.

“Infrastructure... Mass transport... Goods and services that the public can actually benefit from... I think we’re ready to announce this new, improved Annihilation to the world. Constance, can you inform all of the major news networks and write up a press release for our Declaration of Existence? I also need a stage and speakers set up in Aotearoa Square.”

The old man sits down at his desk and starts to write on a clean sheet of paper. Constance moves to the door before the old man stops her.

“Constance. Be prepared for the ride. I need you now more than ever. The phoenix is about to take off.” He looks up at the young woman, moving his eyes up and down her slender frame as she slips through the door, whispering to himself.

“Your father, if he were alive, would be proud.”

OOC: This story is now finished, but feel free to tell me what you think :)

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