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Loking for Alliance


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I am mostly looking for a new and developing and pretty small alliance that I can start off from the ashes with a player that just started an alliance.

I am really experienced and my nation is Binary Star of Desolation


Please PM me in-game with your offers.

If there are no allianes under construction I am also taking considration of a GREEN TEAM alliance to Join.

Don;t worry about my GPA AA

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The problem with Green is Bilrow's doctrine. An alliance need GGA's permission to join. One such allaince is the Sons of Muspel (and another one I dont remember).

Our alliance is multicolored and we would be glad to have you. Although we are small (21 members) we have been around for a while and got many friends. We are part of the Hanseatic League, a major block that recently defeated Goons.

Although we have emphasized war up to now, we are now focusing more in economic growth.

Join us! at the Protectorate of Curland

King Vitauts, extending a cordial invitation.

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Join HoG. We're :awesome:.

Anyway why not join United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition. They need a nation strong like you and they are well protected by HoG so you're safer there then it looks.

You could really build something at UPAC.

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64Digits is small and currently developing. The more experienced players we have to teach the new guys, the better. Most of the people in 64D like to do game development type stuff (like programming, graphics, music, game reviews/criticisms). 64Digits likes to have fun, so if you're interested, please stop by our forums, located here:


We could use your help :)

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What is unique about your alliacne sir....

Please answer me this question

We value war and deeds of battle.

We have fought in Gw3 and Gw4 and had GATO and SWF surrender to us.

We fought on GW4 and participated in the defeat of GOONS, BAPS, EoTRS, RnR and LSF

We did that starting with 3 members and ending with 21. For our loyalty to Nor/Nov in all these wars we were been inducted into the Hanseatic League when we had only 11 members. We have made friends with powerfull allainces while being microscopic in size.

We have outlasted Many giants, while being small. It is sad but I am currently one of the longest ruling rulers in CN.

We value our members.. Do good and you will be rewarded!

We value survival. We will not be put down.

We value honor. We have few treaties but we hold them dear.

And since I have never been in any other allaince... I can not truly tell you how we compare as I dont know how most of them operate. But since we are completely homegrown... from the ground up, we are unique.

King Vitauts the Great

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Join TAPS, The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers.

We are a 15 man alliance that is at this moment in the middle of development.

We can really use someone like you, there is a high change that someone with your dedicatication and experience can get a role in developing TAPS.

Our main strength is our forums, we have very active members and even the diplomats come a lot for the fun.

Come on our forums or on our IRC, http://z11.invisionfree.com/TAPS and #TAPS at espernet.


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Join BPS. We have a awesome goverment. And there is more to offer. We are a great alliance, members always come first. We help newbies learn about the game and rise to the top. So please please we are new and we need you. Here is the link Black Peace Society Forums

Sweetness land, Head of Internal Intelligence for BPS

PS: Please think about this. :)

We also offer you aid. But if you are on NATO I don't know..

EDIT: Change my MIND!!!!!!! BPS are not going to get into anything with NATO we are here to make friends not enemy's if you are getting ZI'ed we don't want any part of it Sorry NATO

Edited by cameronland
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