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Project Hauksbók

Mergerberger II

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*In a secret underground bunker, somewhere in the vicinity of Repulse Bay*

100 chairs sit in a room in front of a podium. In those 100 chairs sit 100 scientists, each wearing formal clothes as they were told by their invitation. Three weeks prior they had received their invitation to this event, an invitation that was handed to them personally by a man dressed entirely in black, who said nothing, but instead handed them an envelope addressed to them and then turned his back and walked back to his black Audi. There was muttering amongst the scientists, most of which was discussing why they were here, a topic none of them knew much about. Without warning, the lights disappeared, and the room fell silent. A single light turned on over the stage, and the man in the black suit walked out from a place that did not in any way look like a door. He went to the podium, and he began to speak.

"Comrades, there has come a day today that many of us had wished would never come. We looked on the world with contempt as we as a nation tried to bring it out of the darkness, as we attempted to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness, where the clouds of war shield the people's view of what the world is, where they cannot see the sun, and where leaders act as children, trying to recreate their glorious empires and spitting on those that try and use diplomacy to solve the world's problems. These people know only of war, they value only their military, and they have no purpose but to kill.

We must now become stronger, we must build our nation into a nation that values the same it always has, but now the other nations have built a grand respect for Canada. We as a nation must become strong, we must build our military, and become a threat to every nation on the planet. They must know that there is always someone that can overpower them, and they will know that Canada is *the* strongest nation on this planet. And we shall construct something truly glorious, the new Canada, the Canada where fear is coupled with love, and the new, glorious Canada, that values military service as much as intellectual sensibility.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Canada must now construct its barrel to the level of every other nation on this earth. It is for this reason that you have been called here. The Canadian military needs improving, and its weapons need advancing. You, you one hundred scientists are the best that Canada has to offer, and it is for this reason that you have been called upon to serve your country. Canada has called upon you to begin research into several things, including a new Nuclear Weapon for Canada, and space weaponry.

My friends, you are the greatest scientists in the world, and with your cooperation, we shall build Canada into the greatest nation in the world in every way. What say you?"

It was at this point that fifteen of the scientists, including Henry Ewell, considered Canada's strongest Physicist, walked out of the room. The remainder slowly began to applaud, and each eventually pledged their services to the Canadian government and this new weapons program.

To be continued...

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Project Vinland

14 days after the original convention of scientists...

In the Kalaallit Underground Bunker, 236 miles due west of Repulse Bay. In the Western Wing, which goes 8 stories underground, not counting an underground test laboratory, twenty nuclear physicists have been at work for two weeks on the designing and constructing of a nuclear weapon, and not just a simple nuclear weapon, but a large weapon that could be fitted onto an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. They were to design many different ones, however their primary concentration would be tactucal weapons, though a larger weapon was demanded as well. Few had slept in the last 72 hours, and they were not expected to take long to complete these weapons.



"I have the reports you asked for on sidewinder missiles," he said as he put the pile of papers on a table in front of the head of operations of Project Vinland, "are you okay?"

Fisher looked up, his eyes between his forefinger and his middle finger, looking out at the man in a white coat and black pants through bloodshot eyes. His hair was withered and gray, and wrinkles covered his face. His ancient fingers shook a bit as they moved about his face, and each day it seemed his hair line receded just a bit more. He wore not a white coat, but a black suit nearly as old as he, though his tie sat on his desk in the lower right hand corner. "Fine, David. Just thinking," he said as he removed his hands from his face and put them on his desk, looking to his right and letting out a long sigh that reflected the work he now had to do.

"About what, sir?" Dave looked inquisitive, and he shifted his weight from the middle of his body to his right leg, and adjusted the black-rimmed glasses on his face. His hair glistened with sweat, and beads began to form on his forehead again. He was not nervous, he was simply warm, he reasoned, and he looked to his left, as if looking for the heater but found only the bookshelf filled with books that no one would ever read. He was not entirely sure why it was there, he did not think this room would be used again.

"Just... thinking. Be on your way, please." His hand went to his forehead as he let out another, shorter sigh and stared at the papers he had just been given, beginning to read them and try and find out what they were about. He took a sip from a white coffee mug and motioned for his associate to leave, and he did.

Project Knight

Meanwhile, in the East Wing, something far more time-consuming and more advanced was taking place. This was the Space Research Division, dedicated to finding new ways to use Space to the advantage of the Canadians in warfare. They were researching a kinetic weapon that could be placed on a satellite, something that would truly go unrivaled in warfare worldwide, something that no nation would come close to matching. A kinetic weapon launched from space would be capable of destruction on a massive level, destroying entire enemy harbors, army bases, or other military institutions without long-term damage to the environment. A Rod from God.


Project Derry

In the North Wing, scientists were busy doing research into something far more relevant than nuclear weapons or Rods from God, something that their soldiers would be using every day, body armour. They were not merely researching conventional kevlar body armour, rather they were looking into futuristic methods of protecting the troops from harm. Aerogels, Carbon Nanotubes, and non-newtonian fluids, all of which would make up a major part of the new Canadian army and the future of warfare worldwide. If these are mastered, the Canadian Army would truly become unstoppable.

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