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I'd tell the SirWilliam of May 2008 not to allow myself to be intimidated by Bush_84, adrian, and the other internet tough guys when they threw a fit and aggressively confronted me over Diskord mentioning a possible run on black's senate.

Not going to bat for Diskord for the apparent well-being of MK is one of the few things I really regret having done in this game. THANKS DABOO, I HAD MANAGED TO BLOCK OUT THIS MEMORY. :mad:

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I would go tell Bilrow of 2007, "Good Job, keep up the great work, because according to Doitzel in the future you will be able 'bring the Order into a war.' yet in the other hand, according to Jonathon Brookbank of the future, 'following NPO orders'. Way to keep them guessing."

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Belacqua 2009 to Belacqua 2006: Join NAAC sooner, because you'll be sorry you didn't have more fun while you could've.

lamuella of 2007: better to resign on principle than be thrown out like you will be. (sorry to be enigmatic about this one)

Belacqua 2009 to Belacqua 2007: Don't ever leave Browncoats, don't allow good people like Lamuella to be thrown out, and don't ever give up on the alliance you worked so hard to start, because you'll just get crap and lose friends for re-starting it later.

I truly regret nothing, other than allowing friends to be hurt by my actions. This includes you Lamuella. Especially you.

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