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The Cousins Arrive In Town

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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OOC: This is more of a lulz thread, so have fun reading it. I still need someone to play Hadassah, so speak up if you're interested.


Parza's (played by Sarah) Story:

We introduce one Parza Abusameyyah, aged 28.


Parza, it seemed, was famous only for being famous... there was also the slight fact that she was the cousin of the Sultana Rania, the only daughter of her uncle. Parza had no true skills. She tried to sing... she failed. She tried to act... the movie bombed. She tried to write a book... it was banned in 17 countries. She tried to have a perfume line... it gave people 2nd degree burns. Yes, poor Parza was stuck in a rut. She had just dumped her 12th boyfriend, a B-list actor from France, Pierre deLatrinier. Broke and alone for the first time in 11 days, she made a bit of money from leaking Pierre's and her "home movie" to the paparazzi, and then suing the magazine for $500,000. Using the majority of this money on clothes for her and her Chihuahua, she spent the remaining cash on a plane ticket from Paris to Marscury. She landed in the city for the first time, and walked off the plane. When she exited the airport, she looked at the city. "Hmm, this is new," she said, "that's so hot." She got into a taxi, and for the whole ride through the city, she only complained about how uncomfortable the seats were, and asked why the cab driver couldn't speak in English. Using the last of her money to pay the cab fare, (an act she regarded as 'so not hot') she went to the game and rang the buzzer.

"Who is it," the guard asked.

"Like, it's Parza," the annoyed socialite said.

"Who," the guard asked. Behind him, the other guard in the booth looked in the security monitor. "Dude," he said, "that's Parza Abusameyyah. You know, from the video."

"The Sultana's niece? That one," the first guard asked.

"Yeah, her," his coworker said, "let her in."

The gates swung open, and Parza walked in. She stopped by the guard booth. "Thanks cuties," she said, giving the men a wink. She walked into the palace and called out, "Cousin Rannie!" Hearing the girl in the other room, the Sultan and Sultana looked at each other with worried looks. It was never good when Parza came, and her short visits usually ended with a good portion of alcohol missing, a large chunk out of their checkbooks, and a significant number of rooms needing a thorough steam cleaning. While running from one room to the next, Parza spotted the two in a hallway, diving for the library. "There you two are, sillys. Cousin Rannie, M-Dawg."

"What did she just call me," Mikhail asked to his wife. With a heavy sigh, Rania finally approached her niece. "What is it this time Parza," she asked.

"Nothing," Parza said, "Can't I just spend time with my family?"

Walking past Rania, Mikhail whispered in her ear, "yes, she wants to spend time with her family. Have fun."

"Hehehe," Rania said, with an angry look, "I know a certain regent who will be sleeping on the couch tonight."

Hadassah's Story:

Now for your pleasure, we introduce a Miss Hadassah Alisberg (nee Stein), aged 25.


Hadassah was the opposite of Parza. She had a successful music career, earning several platinum albums and performing concerts in 43 countries. Hadassah was also Mikhail's first cousin, the only child of Prince Vladimir, Mikhail's uncle. She, like Parza, had just hit the single's market, divorcing her husband of 3 months, the Austrian actor Alois Alisberg. Despite the divorce, she kept the last name, mainly because she thought Stein sounded too harsh. Not feeling like visit a chic European nightclub, she decided to pursue a more wholesome family adventure. She had never visited Marscurian Pakistan, and felt it as time to drop in on her favorite cousin. On her private jet, she contemplated what her visit would be like. She had not been to her cousin's country since the funeral of Prince Dawud. Her plane landed in Karachi, and she rented a convertible to drive to the capital. She was amazed at the scenery and briefly stopped to write the lyrics of a song that she was inspired of. She finished her drive and pulled up to the magnificent palace. Hadassah rang the bell, and the same guard answered it.

"Who is this," he asked.

"Hadassah Alisberg," Hadassah said. "I'm here to see my cousin."

Skeptical at first, the guards looked at the security monitor. "Oh Wow!," the first one said, "it is her!" The two opened the gate and rushed out with notepads and pens, eager to get autographs. After signing the pads, and blowing a kiss to the two infatuated guards, she walked inside the palace. She saw Mikhail walking in front of the parlor, escaping from the recently arrived Parza. "Micky," she yelled out. "Hadassah," Mikhail yelled. They ran and gave each other a big hug. "What are you doing here," Mikhail asked.

"Oh, I just felt lonely," Hadassah said, "I wanted to be with some family."

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