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Autonomous National Assistance League POW Camping for bel air!


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everyone welcome bel-air to the new haven - a.n.a.l prisoner of war camping


caption: camp warden Mrs. boy ask young bel air nation if they would like a cup of surrender, they said yes

camp warden Mrs. boy wife of hetropolis' president said this today:

"our population is growed to 1, come join us bel air"


today in hetropolis we are pride, the bad enemy is surrendering under a.n.a.l pow until the end of the war.

to u bads:

all attacks on anal pow will be meet with hard fight by a.n.a.l, no nation once join aa can leave until end of war, all nations are protect by a.n.a.l too. in the camp we have lots of thing to do and people to meet. learn new things camping with boy.

BOY reach to all bel air nation and say surrender or die...

i will personal kill every nation in digiteria that even think of attack our prisoners - top man of boy

activities in pow




-making bel air leaders sad

-being our prisoners

this announcement is from boy's new public relation firm: boy public relation firm.

bel air

when you surrender on terms here all a.n.a.l pow is release free, to go to bel air or wherever they like.

[we fight for the final victory]

-boyhegemonia - top man of boy

-all a.n.a.l members

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