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Collecting the Relics of the Past


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Southern Brisbane

Three figures appeared in front of the chained gates of Solidor Manor, with several hundreds behind them. The Manor had been untouched since the flight of the Lady Protector, even escaping the nuclear explosion and the chaotic aftermath of the junta and the cult. But now, as the chains were cut, its peace would be broken.....

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There was a snap as the chains were cut, and the black gates emblazed with a shiny “S” and “T” opened to show the Manor. The small woman who was at the head strode up the gravel pathway towards the front doors, as her two companions struggled to keep up with the fast pace. With a heavy kick, the doors flew of the hinges into the mansion, throwing up a storm of dust.

Grandeur was not a strong enough a word to describe the interior. The gilded ceiling reflected the evening sun, making the marble floors shine through the thick layer of dust. The crystal chandeliers, tall windows and frosted glass doors.. .. It was the ultimate symbol of hauteur, the ruins of a fallen empire. The woman venomously sneered, “How nice, all fit for an empress.” as she walked up the staircase to the upper floors.

Heavy footsteps rang in the empty hallway, as the woman approached the specific room she wanted. Again she kicked the door open, and stepped into a large bedroom, with sharp aquamarine eyes searching for something. She spotted her target, a drawer, and attempted to open it, only to find it locked. The woman took a small breath, and ripped it out, completely bending the lock out of shape. The drawer was full of letters and photographs, which she shuffled through quickly. One photo caught her eye, and after she studied it for a moment, a small smirk appeared on her face. She neatly put the picture in her breast pocket as her two companions caught up with her.

“This place seems to be a treasure trove, Mosley. I thank you for letting me in.” She turned to face one of the men. “Now, please tell me about the progress of the other requests.”

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“Lady Spencer, the archives of the Hanseatic Commonwealth has been all handed over to your officials just like you requested. All the data on the government, economy, health, hidden back accounts, and the such are included both in paper and digital versions. You now have the most comprehensive information there exists on the old Hanseatic Commonwealth.

Also, all past surviving members of the Lillian Guards, Hanseatic Marines, maids, secretaries, chauffeurs, pilots, everyone who had worked for the former Lady Protector, have been detained. All you have to do is move them at your convenience. ”

Mosley uneasily looked around a bit, then faced Spencer and asked: “Would you please tell me why you’re gathering all this? What purpose does it serve for you?”

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"Nothing that concerns Queensland. Thank you for your cooperation. I shall now leave and let my men comb this palace for things I might need, such as security videos and the such."

Just as Angela was about to leave the room, she turned and spoke, "You might want to prepare, Mosley. A storm will hit Queensland soon."

Outside, she looked at the sunset as the her men entered the manor. The sky was red, as red as freshly spilled blood. A sardonic smile formed on her face as her eyes filled with malice.

"Shall we start the game, Hannah."

OOC: End of this RP.

Edited by Angela Spencer
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