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Phoenix Rising Announcement


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Phoenix Rising would like to offer congratulations to its newest addition to their leadership team. Randleman now steps into the place of Arbiter of Wisdom. He will now handle all foreign affairs for the alliance so if you have a compliant/concern stake it on his desk not mine.

As for me, I will become the first Eternal of Phoenix Rising (that means I'm retiring just in case you need clarification).

Congrats to Randleman! I know you'll do well :)

dagger08, Arbiter of Hope

Emperor Charlemagne, Arbiter of Strength

Sognatore, Arbiter of Wisdom

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It is with great honour that I accept the position as Arbiter of Wisdom. I have grown up in the game with some of the members of PhR and have helped even more when they were members. I look forward to where this alliance is heading and would like to extend my sincerest thanks.

Also, as acceptance of my new found position, I look forward to working and dealing with the rest of CN. I will deal with all issues and needs in a timely and fashionable manner, with the utmost sincerity, honesty, integrity, and diligence. My doors are always open, and you can always find me in IRC (nick Randleman, channel #PhR) or drop me a PM here or on PhR forums located here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/PhR/index/

Thank You :)

Edited by Randleman
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