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General Borghese announces new government members

Agostinho Neto

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Flag of the Republican Military Government

General Junio Borghese announced a new government today, few weeks after the establishment of the "Triumvirate". The Triumvirate composed by General Borghese, Governor General Ciano and Commander Ricci, will mantain its role of "Military Junta", while the ministries have been reinstated and assigned to new prominent politicians of the Republican Fascist Party. Most of them are new to big politics.

Healthcare went to Alfredo Cucco, Communication to Augusto Liverani. National Education and Sport to Alessandro Pavolini, Agriculture to Augusto Liberani, Justice to Filippo Anfuso, Finance to Vincenzo Azzolini. The Interior and State Activities portfolio was handed to Carlo Alberto Biggini who had been MVSN chief-of-staff.

The Chief of the National Nuclear Program is Vito Volterra, an experienced researcher. Governor General Roberto Ciano maintained the Foreign Affairs portfolio, and Commander Renato Ricci was transfered to Defence.


Prime Minister, acting President of the Republic: General Junio Borghese (Triumvir)

Governor General of Somalia and Minister of Foreign Affairs: Roberto Ciano (Triumvir)

Ministry of Defence: Renato Ricci (Triumvir)

Chief of the National Nuclear Program: Doctor Vito Volterra

Ministry of Interior and State Activities: Carlo Alberto Biggini

Ministry of National Education and Sport: Alessandro Pavolini

Ministry of Healthcare: Alfredo Cucco

Ministry of Communication: Augusto Liverani

Ministry of Agriculture: Edoardo Moroni

Ministry of Corporate Economy and Trade: Angelo Tarchi

Ministry of Justice: Filippo Anfuso

Ministry of Finance: Vincenzo Azzolini

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