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Afghanistan: Where the Bear's Claws..


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Afghanistan is caught in a very difficult situation right now. Empires are expanding, and they are colliding right beside our borders, what are we to do? That is the question I often ask myself, but my people will be loyal to their country and whatever cause we will fight for. Whether it be for the American powers or the Asiatic ones. If we side with one, we will most certainly get attacked by the other. But, my ultimate goal is to protect regular Afghans, who are tired of being afraid, who are tired of being poor and who are tired of running around their problems and relying on others to survive. At era in our history is over! Once our enemy crosses our borders, whomever it might be, they will have crossed the line. It will not our army that picks up their guns, but our people will draw their swords and fight for the land that is rightfully ours!

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