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To whom it may concern.

Krunk the Great

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It has come to my attention that certain actions were not befitting of a non member of LoSS.

I therefore publicly apologize for the following criterions.

  1. For calling out alliance leaders when they were wrong.
  2. For contradicting said alliance leaders when they said I was illiterate for not seeing what wasn't there.
  3. For calling out aforementioned leaders for unfair actions against a friend.
  4. For being Christian and unafraid to stand up for my ideals.
  5. For apologizing on your forums.
  6. For sparking livelihood in your spam sections.
  7. For defending myself against baseless accusations.
  8. For breaking your forums.
  9. For being Darth Angry Nun
  10. For o/ BTO
  11. For the Great Justice
  12. For making a harmless joke.
  13. For having a sense of humor.
  14. For hurting you in anatomically posterior places by not conforming to standards antithetical to my ideals.
  15. For standing up vociferously what is ennumerated in #14
  16. For some members being on my side.
  17. For rejecting Phoebus[TCI]'s advances.
  18. For explaining very well how I was an excellent addition to the alliance.
  19. For refuting your accusations of my uselessness
  20. For being too sexy for my shirt.

I have obviously wronged LoSS and caused them to be Posteriorally Injured.

Therefore, My apology is "Oops, My Bad"

--StarKrunk[NSO], Master of Apologies and Lulz.

tl;dr: This is good enough for you Drugsup. Yes I think its funny.

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Spying - it's what's for dinner. You know the allegations, and you have done an excellent job ignoring them, Krunk.

Considering Loss's seeming obsession with Krunk, I'd say it's the best thing to do.

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This is baffling. If someone has an actual issue with.....whatever is going on here, then bring it up with one of Krunk's superiors (i.e, me). Otherwise I'm just going to continue to happily ignore whatever this is and consider it unimportant.

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There is no need to acknowledge what is not true.

You didn't even HAVE any cruise missiles.

Alright, not gonna lie, it took me a few minutes to figure this out as this is all the first I have heard of this but damn.....once I figured out happened due to this quote I laughed....quite a bit.

Krunk, very funny, extremely funny. You definately have won this round.

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