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(DNN) - The Campaign for Chariman begin.

Maelstrom Vortex

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Candidate Profiles:


Name - Political Alignment - Description of Platform and Biography

Ivan Dragoska - Traditionalist - Believes in the ways of the first Empire, wants to restore Imperial Glory and the official title of Emperor to the office of the Chairman along with the rights and privileges thereof, thus making himself the second true Emperor of Dragonisia. Strongly isolationist due to the recent events in geopolitics and strongly believes that Dragonisia only needs itself to prosper. Born in Russia in the late 1960s, joined the roaming pirates of the Indian Ocean Fleet in the 1970s as a young man seeking opportunities to see the world. Settled with the Dragonisian pirate population first in Antarctica and then moved to Tasmania. Decorated war hero, served in the war against the UFE as a Corporal in the First Armored Division. Renowned for leading his subordinates in bunker raids during the invasion of the Mekong during the AUP landing. Believes in the need for a strong military and infrastructure reforms throughout Dragonisia. Plans to tap what's left of the Sovereign Wealth Fund and the new 5 billion/month payment from Cochin to begin a nation wide "honeycombing" project of urban centers to have them build down as well as up in order to help sustain the rapidly growing Indian population.

Kevin Oates - Democratic Capitalism Advocate - Wishes to let the people have more of a say in the processes of the meritocratic government. Thirty year member of the Legislature representing Mumbai, in his 60s, which is considered to be starting to get old for most career politicians in Dragonisia. Wants to split the uni-party government into a multi-party system to better represent the public. Plans for the economy include selling off nationalized companies and opening the markets, establishing stronger trade-relations worldwide while being highly skeptical about military and political partnerships outside the scope of business. Notable laws upon which he had a major influence are the Asian Imperial Rail Network.

Jake Owens - Protectionist Socialist - Wants to keep the government pretty much as it is with modifications to economic and political policies in measures that would nationalize/socialize more public industry and raise tariffs on all foreign powers. He believes the Dragonisian economy is headed towards dramatic overheating and thinks that unless the average worker's jobs are protected there will be a fundamental internal collapse as jobs are outsourced due to rising internal labor rates. Like all other politicians, he is skeptical about foreign relations, but is even more so than most in that he is even skeptical of trading with other states. His motto, "Everything we need.. we already have." His career has been as an industry leader in the nationalized health care system, where he has seen the benefits of a strongly organized structure within the government operations and the high amounts of funding granted to educate doctors to keep the health care costs down and competitive.

Tommy Smith - Strong Free Market Advocate - Former agent of the FBI and Corporate Executive of the PMC (Private Military Corporation) 'Dragonisia First', a major defense corporation in Dragonisia. Wants to fully privatize the entire economy and open international trade.. including privatizing the national defense. Believes in the power of the free markets and wants to drop tariffs significantly even if it means the economy does overheat. He believes the government structure is fine as it is, it simply needs better leaders.. namely himself. Goals for his first 100 days in office include the full privatization of ALL domestic industry and dropping taxes by at least 5% as a result of liberated overhead from the operations of nationalized businesses.


The candidates are slowly sending out speech and debate times to the press.. the first debate is scheduled shortly and the media will be allowed to ask questions of the representatives as well as members of the Dragonisian government.

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A direct connection was established between Valerie's office in Helzan to Dragonisia using a number of commercial links and once confirmation was given that a stable link up had been set up she made a video call to each candidate, each call consisted of a simple request for a direct video conference to her office in which every candidate was included so that they could each discuss their answers to her questions without her having to call each one of them at a time. With the calls sent out she waited for their responses.

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Sitting behind her desk wearing a simple black short sleeve T-shirt and with her hands folded together on her deak Valerie watched as each candidate "logged on" and appeared on her screen on her office wall.

Dragoska murmered, "Why do you call us madame? Wouldn't it be prudent to wait until post election to ask how the leader of the new government will treat you?" He sipped a Cognac quietly.

"That depends Mr Dragoska at the moment I don't know which will oone of you will win and I would rather like to get to know you as soon as possible so that I am better prepared. You may not know it but your little election will have a bigger impact on me than you think" replied Valerie with a smile.

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"We know the elections are important madame, but we have much more time to spend right now on our campaigns than to spend it upon one person. You will understand if I politely disconnect, as I am very busy. If I win, I will surely spend the time getting to know you given your presence in the offices off the Chairman and Executive branch. For now, Oates, signing off.." His connection went dark.

"Well, he's very friendly.. but unfortunately he does have a point. It doesn't seem prudent for you to be spending our time on this right now. If I win, we can share a Cognac and discuss things.. do not worry, you are safe in my administration.." noted Dragoska.

The other two nodded. Tommy stated, "I concur with Mr. Dragoska. Unless you have some urgent matters to discuss, we should all be going. We have much work to attend to.. even in the late hours I am busy gathering support. I don't expect Mr. Dragoska to roll over and let me win."

"Hell no. What kind of Dragonisian would that make me?" Dragoska snorted. "Besides.. I don't want some super capitalists like you getting your hands on our beloved Dragonisia to tarnish its crown..."

Tommy chuckled, "There should be no crown. It's why we're in the trouble we are to begin with. You should know that."

"Yes, Mr. Smith, but yours would just be a crown of another kind..."

Owens sat quietly with the intelligence of a chess master, listening.. and saying nothing til finally he seemed annoyed at the prattle. "Enough. Ms. Valerie, unless you have other concerns. I shall be joining Mr. Oates. From what I've heard at least 3 of us are promising you will stay aboard in some capacity. If not, goodnight."

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Ivan Dragoska noted, "Promised Land is part of the reason why we are. Such will not be forgotten. I see a continuation of previous relations as normal under my reign."

Kevin Oates chuckled, "The people of our nation have always been enamored with Promised Land and the memory of what they have done for us. I doubt I could do anything to change such even if I wanted and I don't."

Jake Owens shook his head, "We should stop viewing ourselves as in debited to foreign powers. Promised Land treated us well when we needed them, this is true, but that was so many years ago. They have in recent times often voiced opinions and thoughts that ran in contrast to our national interest. While I still see a strong and fruitful relationship between Dragonisia and Promised Land, I think it is time to get past the hype of the 'family bond' between states."

Tomy Smith shook his head at Owen's response, "Always willing to do insult to a wonderful contributor to our national interests and an even more wonderful business partner, eh Mr. Owens.. is there anyone you do trust outside of your own staff?" Smith retorted sharply.

Jake sighed, "Must we sling mud? I stated my opinion, won't you give yours now?"

Smith smiled, "I just did, they're a major business partner, we should continue to keep strong relations for them as they're mutually beneficial and they've done much to assist us in the past, despite a few departures over disagreements from a similar world view. I think a few of those times they were even right on the ball and we should have listened... but.. you know how the imperialists are..."

Dragoska spoke up abruptly, "Oh, and how exactly are we Mr. Smith?"

Smith gave a snide grin, "You never know when to take no for an answer from someone outside our borders!"

Dragoska retorted, "Smith was right, you really do like to sling dirt.. well keep slinging Mr. Smith.. just remember, that dirt may come back to bury you..."

The legislative moderator interrupted. "Gentlemen, I think that's enough for this question..."

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