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Priapism declares war on GDA


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This is not good as GDA is already at war with WAPA...kinda seems like a bandwagon, i hope this gets peaced out ASAP!



Bandwagoning would be if WAPA jumped GDA and we jumped GDA as well. Thus joining the bandwagon. Instead, the ones doing the jumping are the ones being jumped. If anything, we are the anti-bandwagoneers, or reverse bandwagoning.

Just like last round when OB jumped us, and we pee'd in their cheerios for it... and then TPF was name-dropped all over the place by the 3rd day when it was obvious we were the ones winning. Had TPF joined the fight that their alley started, (all treaties aside, lets pretend there are none for arguments sake) THAT would've been bandwagoning.

So, that said, it cant kinda seem like a bandwagon, because bandwagoning doesnt work like that.

bandwagon [ˈbændˌwægən]


jump, climb, or get on the bandwagon to join or give support to a party or movement that seems to be assured of success


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Beautiful stuff.

I just bought my airforce and was about to switch aa to WAPA to help them out if I could too, suppose I'll use it on someone else now. :(

Switching to WAPA still sounds good to me, as I imagine Priapism isn't exactly the popular girl at the party right now.

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Since its obvious that threats don't matter, you're not going to call us mean names are you? :(

Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries. :P

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