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Looking for a alliance.....


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Before you make up your mind, Id like to tell you about my alliance, United Earth Directorate. Our alliance theme is from StarCraft and we are an alliance that controls a post-apocalyptic world. We are a red team alliance and as you probebly know being on the red team makes us special, there arent many successful red team alliances out there that are as young as us and we need all the help we can get.

Alliance Name: United Earth Directorate

Number of Nations: 76

Tech Deals: Oh hell yes, we have special deals with the tech buying alliances that will get you endless amount of tech deals.

Allies? Ragnarok, we are in the Ragnablok

Tech Raiding: Yup, as long as it is approved by the government of UED.

Age of Alliance: Around 120 days

Why yours is good: Because we have an active core of members who are friendly and we will do everything in our power to help your nation grow. Our track record of growing our member nations to incredible sizes is pretty good. Here is one example: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=336116 He joined our alliance as a brand new nation and now hes 10k NS with over 3k infra. The leader of U.E.D. (http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=322200) was a reroll nation and so he was at 0 infra and 100 days later, he is over 4k NS and 17k NS. Basically any nation ranked 8-20 in UED was built from scratch as a brand new nation, and now look at them!

Forum: www.ued.22web.net


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I would like to invite you to check out our recruitment thread:


I hope you like what you read.We hope after you read about Paix,you will consider us and join the alliance.Even though we are green,if you wish to be black due to trades,that is fine.I will make the exception.

If you have any questions,feel free to pm me.

Also,we just got a protector,Viridian Entente,1 of the best protectors on CN!

Hope to see you in Paix!

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You could join 1 Touch Football, we're a Blue team alliance but that doesn't necessarily matter if you already have a trade circle set up.

There is a catch though, you have to be able to reel off at least five different swear words in Darklordtim's direction anytime you come on IRC and he is on.

Sound good? http://www.1touchfootball.com

See you soon buddy.

Oh and before I forget, it helps if you like football, the European kind and aren't a Derby County fan.

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I'd like to invite you to consider the Aqua Defense Initiative. We are a close knit group that always helps each other. We are protected by Ragnarok, and we have several other great allies. Our leadership has a wealth of experience for you to tap that will let you grow your nation quickly and strongly. For more information, click the link in my signature.

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If you are looking for a peaceful alliance, the Green Protection Agency (GPA) is the way to go! We are a neutral alliance, and thus avoid war by not engaging in inter-alliance politics. We are the oldest and largest neutral alliance, as well as the largest alliance on the Green Team. We are currently ranked the #8 alliance in CyberNations. We have an active community on our forums, as well as on IRC. And we have cookies!

To learn more about us:

Our recruiting thread here on the CN forums.

Our CN Wiki page.

The links to our main site and forums are in my signature.

Our IRC channel is #gpa at irc.coldfront.net

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