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Doktryna Krakowa


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The Krakow Doctrine

Article I: Poland Rules the Waves

The sections of the waterway known as the Baltic Sea shall be monitored by a naval blockade administered by the Polish Navy and all ships, friendly, unarmed, or even military must obtain prior permission directly from the government for ships to pass through the waters. The areas are marked as follows.

Article II: Aerospace

Finally the air space above all territories of the Duchy is hereby sealed off to any and all flights other than those of the Duchy of Poland Corporations must appeal to the Polish government to be permitted travel within our airspace, although this will be rarely rejected. Whereas military activity over our lands is restricted only to our mutual allies.

Article III: Amendments

Any amendments to this document are to be made by the Duke only.


Duke Jan Sobieski Kalsac I

Duke of the Duchy of Poland

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