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September 2019 update is up: 

Moon & Mars Hotspot Finder


To use it make a copy ( File -> Make a copy ...), then enter your test spots and give it a few seconds to calculate.

Please do this even if you have an older version, because your old copy won't automatically update to the newest version.


Let me know if you find any problems with the spreadsheet, or have any questions or comments.


The moon hotspot affects the mars hotspot a LOT, and vice versa.  In fact, if one hotspot is found, the number of possibilities for the other one is reduced to 4 maximum (often fewer), and because of the skewed probability distribution, you can usually find the hotspot in 1 try.  So definitely check out the other thread.  Most people don't realize that the other celestial body affects them.

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had the mars wonders since they day they were released and never knew there was a connection between the moon and mars hotspots. its actually cool that they effect each other.

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Here's some moon data.  The results yield ~1% possible coordinates, not thrilled about that.  Let's coordinate our efforts, narrow things down.



Moon Locations Tested:
Lat Lon Effectiveness
64 -5 50%
65 -4 50%
64 -6.05 50%



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According to Luna's spreadsheet (with the Moon's Hotspot data), the Mars Hotspot could now be:

  • &lat=27.0&lon=87.0 (72.845%)
  • &lat=27.0&lon=86.0 (27.154%)
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