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The Confederacy of Atlantic Nations


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I. The CAN is focused only on protection and trade with other members. If You are an independent person you make like this alliance because we wont tell you what to do.

Basically we

-Fool around and have fun

-Open up trade with countries BORDERING the Atlantic ocean or Indian ocean.

-Protect eachother with our soldiers

-offer aid to new countries

II. The Confederacy of Atlantic Nations laws and constitution

Article I. The CAN is a loose alliance that ONLY regulates trade and warfare.

No person in the alliance can make you change your government or religion.

Article II. No ethnicity shall be excluded from the alliance since it is based on tolerance between all races and genders.

Article III. No person shall declare war on another alliance member, if this happens your country will be excluded from the alliance then destroyed.

Article IV. No member of the alliance will join another alliance or be in two alliances at the same time, your countries allegience should be strictly to the CAN.

Article V. The CAN does not support nuclear weaponry, however it shall be tolerated.

Article VI. If war is declared on any member of the alliance all members shall support Our alliance in the war.

Article VII. We require that all members get on at least once a week in order to keep up with modern situations.

Article VIII. Trade shall be conducted only within the alliance and not with other alliances. DO NOT ENTER AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER ALLIANCES OR NATIONS NOT IN THE CAN.

Article IX. Enjoy.

Contact me if u wish to join and change alliance affiliation to Confederacy of Atlantic Nations (CAN).

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