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CNRP World Map 1 Redux


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So here we are at 11.10.2009 (D.M.Y); and once more are required to create another map thread. As of present the "community map" has resulted in essentially only myself updating it, and an OP being updated rarely if at all. As a result there has been confusion among new members attempting to pick land for their nations as they expect the OP to be up to date or otherwise accurately reflect the RP they are entering. Moreover there has been a significant degree of damage done the map as there is really zero accountability on the part of those casually updating the map. Due to impatience or an otherwise personally motivated desire to update the map (rather than a community one) these part time editors have forced those of us who update regularly to spend hours of time fixing mistakes that their haste reeked upon the map itself. I can't even count how many boarders I have had to redraw, or how many nation names I have had to redo because of such impatience or lack of regard. That being said with the general consent of the CNRP IRC channel, and the fact that I have been consistently doing this for awhile I am creating another, and hopefully last one for awhile. For the time being I will be the only one updating the map, should I ultimately not have the time to carry on the map making duties i'll at that point turn it and the thread to another. This should ensure proper accountability, and that the full scope of the map making process, not just the editing of the map, but also the management of the OP is done.

IAT's Guarantee; the OP will always link to the most up to date version of the map, and the map will be updated at least once a week.

Current Map



Last Updated: 22.12.09 (D.M.Y)

[Map Guidelines]

- Claims must be supported by RP, this is non-negotiable.

- Protectorates are land set aside by blocs, nations, etc. for new nations. They are not an integral part of any nation, or bloc, and will normally be ceded to those who wish to place their nation there. However, you must speak to that bloc, nation, etc. before claiming the land.

- If you want to claim an area already claimed, you must work something out with the current owner. This means you cannot start a rebellion in their territory, a terrorist group, etc. without their permission.

- There are three ways to gain land in CNRP:

1) Claiming it through your In-Game Sphere of Influence (SoI)

2) Being given land through an RP, in an IC manner. [OOC Gifting is FORBIDDEN]

[Thread/Behavior Guidelines]

- This is primarily an OOC thread. While IC is inevitable, please keep it to a minimum, as we (the mapmakers) understand that we do not have the power to forcefully stop it.

- Any conversations NOT regarding the map, are to be held elsewhere. Keep in mind, those found infringing the forum rules or the CN Terms of Service will be reported/warned.

- But most of all, if you have questions, ASK THEM! The only stupid questions are the ones never asked

- NEVER demand the mapmaker update this. We take our precious time to make necessary changes, and add your requests when we have the ability to do so. Untoward demands or general rudeness toward the mapmaper will result in purging.

Remember: This map isn't excruciatingly easy, it's a big project. We're doing you a service maintaining this.

[Making a Map Request]

This is a fine example of how it is done. Clearly showing their areas with full size maps to scale with the master map itself. Any update other than minor changes must have a map to accompany them. Please follow this example when making your claims, and link it to any appropriate RPs. Thank you.

General Guidelines for CyberNations Roleplaying

*The first claim made by your nation must be within your in-game sphere of influence (SoI). Any claims outside of your sphere after your first claim must be roleplayed out and accepted by the general community.

*Your in-game (your actual CyberNations nation) citizen count will be multiplied by one hundred (100), and the subsequent number can be your CNRP (CyberNations Roleplaying) citizen count. As long as it isn't bat!@#$ insane, you can go with other numbers.

*For soldier and tank counts, multiply max soldiers x10 and take tanks as the max tanks you can have.

*Your in-game tech (technology) level is directly used in CNRP. See below for technology guidelines.

*Your in-game navy is directly used in CNRP with added multipliers (for submarines). Established here (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=72353)

Official Multipliers for Submarine units are issued on the basis of both Infrastructure, and Technology. Inorder to utilize a multiplier you must meet both of the requirements.

0-4,000 Infra, 0-500 tech: No multiplier

4,001-5,000 Infra, 501-1,000 tech: x2

5,001-6,000 Infra, 1,001-2,000 tech: x3

6,001-7,500 Infra, 2,001-3,500: x4

7,501-Infinity Infra, 3,501-Infinity: x5

*Your in-game air force is counted as your CNRP airforce. However, once you become a "developed" nation, one plane may count as one squadron.

*When engaging in a CNRP war, the out come should be decided before hand by the participants. In cases of rather obvious out comes, common sense can be used, but with larger nations, fortified nations and older RPers coming to an agreement before hand is a much easier and less hateful path than the OOC mud slinging which most wars devolved into.

*The amount of nukes (warheads) you have is equal to your in game level of warheads. Everyone with standard nukes has fission bombs(max 500kt) Weapons research complexes give you hydrogen bombs (keep them within reason not tens of megaton warheads), and neutron weapons. This decision was reached by consulting with the GMs and at their urging.

*Also, large Fuel air explosive bombs, chemical weapons, large EMP weapons, and biological weapons are capped at 50 and equal to the number of CMs you have in game.

*You cannot arm your citizens and have them fight a war. It does not matter if you give them full time military training and automatic weapon, the maximum number of armed people you can field in a war is determined by your soldier count.

Game Moderator "wipe" effects

*Type one, total impossibility. IE Death star. Total RP wiped. These kind of god mods are easy to spot, and will be called quickly, so little RP to go back and redo.

*Type two, feature impossibility. IE Fighter jet with a laser. These are sometimes unnoticed, and when found / called, Rp should be paused, while they are argued out in a separate thread. If the feature is found to be impossible, then the Rp continues as if all actions had occurred minus that feature. IE, you still used your fighters, but since they didn't have lasers, they got annihilated.


*Whenever you say something that is not "in character", use the 'OOC:' tag before the statement.

For example, if Uberstein decides to hold a gladiator tournament, we may insult the action in-game but then add "OOC: haha, nice" to show that we (in real life, not in game) like the idea.

*If something is to be a private message, put "PRIVATE MESSAGE TO <nation name here>" before the message. While the rest of the community will be able to see the message, only the person you send it to will be able to respond or use that information.

*Embassies exist in CNRP. An embassy is a building in a foreign country that would technically belong to you. A diplomat and his staff would be sent to live in the embassy building, and would be there in case you need to talk to the nation the embassy exists in (or vice-versa).


*Any treaty (MDP, ODP, economic, NAP, etc.) can be made in CNRP with another nation. For instance, if you sign a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) with Uberstein, whenever you are attacked in CNRP, Uberstein will activate the MDP and attack whoever attacked you.

*Economic treaties are treaties where you trade with another nation (be it food, technology, medicine), and both nations are to be treated as if they have the same level of whatever they're trading. This is usually called tech trading, see the tech trading rules below.


* This is RPing with a RP entity that is not the one you first RP'd with.

*When Rerolling, you give up the ability and right to RP anything connected with your old entity. This means that people not present in your current country are unable to be controlled while physical installations cannot be controlled unless you own the land they are on.

*If rerolling as a continuation of the same nation, this is voided.




Before any scientific experiment or anything like that, background information must be given. In real life, people aren't at certain tech levels, like at '89 tech or '74 tech. Technology levels are divided, in RL, into three distinct terms: First World, Modern, and Third World.

In RL, First world nations are constantly developing new technologies and inventing stuff. Modern buys technology from First world nations and produces it in their own nation and are able to maintain it. Third World nations get the scraps from other nation and have to steal or get given old technology and are barely able to maintain it.

So, how does this translate into CNRP?

Previously, we had a Log Based tech system. It helped lower nations get more modern tech, starting at about level 300 tech. However, at tech year 2005, people stoped using real tech and started inventing their own. Everything below that was pretty set in stone, and nobody, save for a few nations, created anything.

So, we've simplified the tech year system and made it into something more like the tiers we have explained above. Nobody will be losing any technology, and if anything, people would be increasing in their technological capabilities.

New Tech Scale

First of all, the three tiers.

Third World Nation (0-499 tech)

Your technology level is very low, and are developing your own way in the world. You have cold war technology*, and any tech you recieve from other nations (weapons, aircraft, etc.) is not easily maintained without help. It's much like what buying tech from other nations is now IRL. You may design items appropriate to the period.


Modern Nation (500-1499 tech)

Your technology has reached a modern level, and you can build anything military-wise that currently exists*. You may design items appropriate to the period.

*{not in alpha testing, so laser plane and the walking robot buzzing thing is out while the F-35 is in}

First World Nation (1500+ tech)

Inventions start coming from your nation, and you can build anything your heart can imagine*. You're still limited to IG levels of soldiers, tanks, nukes, CMs, etc. Now, beyond this your tech level still matters for your army efficency, but a lot less. Design statistics will matter less as there is an efficiency formula for your armies

*{To a technological limit of the year 2020, of course, within the rules of what can and cannot exist in CNRP, so no mechs, lasers, or rods from god}

Design statistics will matter less as there is an efficiency formula for your armies, showing how relatively effective they are.


Some background to this. This is a number designed to represent a ratio of effectiveness in a trial, respective to a Modern nation. It is designed to show the relative effectiveness of weapons and systems in a certain task for head to head comparison.

It is your Technological Effectiveness, (TE).

TE = 1+ (IG Tech / 10000 * ( 1+ WRC)) Where WRC (Weapons Research Complex (wonder)) is a logical 1,0 statement of having a IG WRC. (1 = you have one, 0 = you don't)

This is taken almost straight from the game, where it works as the damage multiplier for war attacks. That way, we still maintain design coolness, and tech advantage.


Since Third World and Modern nations do not have extensive self research labs, they then to all be roughly the same effectiveness regardless of the actual advancement of the nation. This is because these two tiers have access to the same group of weapon etc, and are not allowed to create new products, so it makes sense that two nations with the same groups will have the same TE.

Third World nations have a TE of 0.8, and Modern have one of 1. These are deviations from the formula as they emphasize that, yeah, your troops / weapons etc, are quite a bit worse than the standard (for Third World)/ are the standard (for Modern)

IE: 1) Three nations are trying to accomplish a task. One Third World nation, one Modern, one First World (2000 tech), with TE's of 0.8, 1, 1.2 respectively. Since TE represents a measure of relative effectiveness, the Modern Nation will have to put in a 1x effort, as it is the standard. However, the Third World nation only achieves 0.8 of the effect for the same effort, so will have to put in 1.25x the effort of the Modern Nation. Whereas the First World nation achieves 1.2 of the effect for the same effort, so only has to put in 0.83x the effort of the modern nation. This "effort" could be the number of shots needed to kill something, or really anything you can imagine.

2) First World Nation A fights First World Nation B. Nation A has 3000 tech, Nation B has 2000. Hence, nation A has a TE of 1.3, nation B of 1.2. So nation A's troops etc are 1.3/1.2 = 1.08 =8% better than nation B's. This is because TE is measure relative to Modern, so to compare two TE's directly, calculate TEA/TEB to find the Technological Effectiveness of A relative to B

So, in theory, in the case of two people that are rping equally, and both people have some good tactics, and one of them is not just going, "LOL, 100,000 paratroopers on your capital!", this scale will be used, but no more will people say, "I have better tech, you lose." Well, if a First world is invading a third world, the case is different, the tech difference will matter a lot.

Technological Trade.

The old 'tech share' is being scrapped. No longer shall nations have their entire advancement lifted by a few words on a treaty. Now, you can buy weapons / items from more advanced nations. However, this comes with a cost. For Modern and Third World nations, these advanced items will cost more than what your normal domestic ones would. Since economy is gone from CNRP, we have a simple formula to determine what you could have.

It is based on TE. We assume cost is directly proportional to TE. So, when buying a Item, here is how many you can afford.

#Advanced Items =#Buyer Items IG* (Buyer TE / Seller TE)


If you can have say, 1000 tanks IG at a TE of 1 (Ie you are a Modern nation) and you buy tanks from a First World nation with a TE of 1.3, you can have 1/1.3 * 1000 tanks = ~770 tanks.

Purge Policy: 25 days inactivity without OR with lock, your wiped.

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Anyways, it is quite appreciated when the world map was a link, rather then an image.

Noted. I agree. Fixed Sarguns point.


Also some things in my other update.

New Incan Empire - Need a link to that RP / small map or more specific please.

Nagato the Great- What is your nation called, and Link to RP?

Outer Heaven- Seriously or was that a joke :P

Vince: I dont' think you can RP two nations at once; even if you divide your troops.

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I have an idea for this problem but I have yet to acquire enough graphical programming abilities to produce it... still learning though so maybe later when I learn more php in a graphical means. I could also probably do it in C#.NET given that I run my webpage on a windows server.

E.G. If anyone else has the abilities and wants a fun project: Build a program with the above national areas painted in the color according to a color box and allow any user on the website to change it's color and add information. Then have that information stored, organized and submitted to the webpage, finally let the map-mapers check over those requests to make sure they are valid and if they accept them implement the changes with the map-makers page limited via password...

Ok, that's a bit complex I know, but it would make things easier I think if it can be built. I personally think it can be done in PHP with an array symbolically mapping out the regions on the map and then having a parallel array with the color string values, one for nation name, one for player name, ect... We could even have a valid player list in a text file whose values could be checked against entered data to ensure that the entries were valid... but that might not be necessary...

Of course, there are other problems perhaps as well so perhaps it is all far more complicated then I am thinking.

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I have an idea for this problem but I have yet to acquire enough graphical programming abilities to produce it... still learning though so maybe later when I learn more php in a graphical means. I could also probably do it in C#.NET given that I run my webpage on a windows server.

Do what?

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You realize i've been keeping the OP link up to date.

Also, i've been working on a newly updated version as of late.

Last update was number 7, its now number 11. The latest version in that thread is update number 8 and it was sitting for about a week still with no change to the OP. Don't take it personally elrich it simply the fact that the person doing the updates should also be the one running the OP itself. Its the only way for the OP to be kept consistent.


Currently linked: http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/3950/iatupdate7.png.

Most recent within that thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...t&p=1882172

Between that update #7 and today approximately 7 days passed (no change to the OP). Moreover, before update #7 all the way to your last official update on September 18th the OP was never once changed to reflect the new map. This same pattern is consistent with what happened to previous map threads where the OP was not controlled by the map maker. The problem has nothing to do with you; its just inherent to the reality that you don't have the time to constantly watch the thread for new links to the map.

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The only issue I see is that the small islands just off of Baffin - the ones that don't look like they're attached by a thread - are claimed. Those are still part of the Vinland protectorate, and ICly, I agreed with Disparu that the two small islands just off of that claw-like structure of Baffin's far south wouldn't be annexed by Cyneriice Northan.

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Toastoria no longer exists, and if memory serves has been stabilized by Vaulian troops, then handed over to Buryatian control as per the Zhukov Doctrine. Not sure where things went from there though.

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