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The Phoenix Federation address to TSI


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The key to a successful marriage as a gun owner is to own enough that they can't tell when you get a new one.




The 'I married Miss Right, I just didn't know her first name was Always' MDoAP


We're better friends than you are.

Article One: Soverignty

We're both ourselves, and not each other, and stuff.

Article Two: Non-Agression

We promise not to fight each other, cause then we won't be BFF's. If any of our members do something stupid to our BFF's, we'll hold their head in the sand and make them say sorry and give back whatever they did.

Article Three: Mutual Defense

Don't touch my BFF, or we will come for you. And not in the good way. Our BFF will give reasonable time to get our stuff ready, because we totally have to warm up and stretch and stuff.

Article Four:

If our BFF decides to beat someone up, we can join in, or we can just watch and cheer and hold their purse. AKA: "HOLD MY !@#$."

Article Five: Respect

BFF's always love each other, and are never mean to each other's faces. <3

Article Six: Intelligence

Gossip is totally cool. If we hear gossip about each other, we should share it so that we can gossip too.

Article Seven: Cancellation

Sometimes BFF's aren't BFF's anymore. If we don't want to be BFF's, we have to tell the other five days in advance so that the other can get an appropriate black outfit and matching shoes.

Article Eight:

If any part of this treaty is confusing or stuff, the woman's interpretation always wins, since the woman always wins.

Signed for The Sasori Initiative:

Shurukian, Empress

Kaiser Kevin, Counilor

The Manbearpig, Councilor

Rakkan, Councilor

W1CK3d, Councilor

Signed for The Phoenix Federation:


General Commanding, Phoenix Federation

Hard Six Roller


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After a bit of a wait, I'm so very happy to have left our protectorate with TPF, and moved on to something more equal. It's been a pleasure working with them for the past year, and it's wonderful to see them out of terms.

Not to mention, they're awesome.

idk, my bff mhawk.

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