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Are you still a Boss?


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I don't know what this is but it isn't one of the following:

* Anything directly involved in the actual game aspect of Cyber Nations.

- Trade

- Placing certain items on sale (infra, tech, etc), which will go in this thread only.

- Questions about certain gameplay aspects, such as getting certain resources, and which would be better to get as a combination. (Pretty much a discussion of what the best resource combo would be).

- Advice for newer players, that isn't covered in the "About Cyber Nations" forum.

- Flags

- Government questions (which will be shown later in a later post. Spoiler; look at your own risk)

- Religion questions (same as above)

- Military questions

- Miscellaneous Discussions on any other aspect of the game

So it doesn't belong in the Gameplay Discussions section. Locked.

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