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TOP/OBR Announcement

Hime Themis

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Gentle Persons of Digiterra

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following treaty between two honourable Alliances.

The Black Rose Grows

1.Things that should never need to be said.

a.War on anybody without just cause is wrong. Especially against our Treaty partner.

b.Spying is rude and unacceptable. Especially on our Treaty Partner.

c.Public civility costs nothing. Especially to our treaty Partner.

d.Helping other people in need is never a bad thing to do. Especially our Treaty Partner.

e.Sharing knowledge is its own reward. Especially with our Treaty Partner.

f.Rumours are ugly, but need to be investigated and passed on to those who might be hurt by them. Especially about our Treaty Partners.

g.Disputes are better resolved with words than battle. Especially in regards to our Treaty Partner.

2.Something Special

a.If conflict comes to our borders we may ask but not demand defensive help of our partner.

b.If we seek conflict our partner has no legal or moral obligation to provide assistance.

c.If our conflict is as a result of outside treaties, then no chaining of obligations occurs.

d.If amendment needs to be made to this treaty, it is allowed with mutual consent.

e.If we no longer feel able to live up to our obligations, this treaty may be voided with 96 hours of notice.

f.If this treaty is voided then an additional period of 96 hours of non-aggression applies past the treaty termination time.

3.Needs to be said.

a.Doing the right thing should never require a treaty.

b.Treating our word as bond is the only way to exist.

c."Friends Before Pixels" is not adequate reasoning to condone the poor behavior of your friends.

d.I do not need to love you to respect you.

e.It is best to judge someone by the friends they keep and the enemies they make.

f.Honour is a not a word, it is a way of living.

Signed for the Order of the Black Rose

For The Order of the Black Rose

On behalf of Queen AterAtra

Sir Winslow Knight Protector

Sir Neboe

Dame Hime Themis

Signed for The Order of the Paradox

Saber, Grand Master

Longbowe, Grand Hospitaller

Coursca, Grand Chancellor

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It's a non-chaining ... ODP?

Fascinating. :)

Gentle Persons

Our words of honour have been exchanged. For that even an ODP we are honour bound some may see them as limited we see them as true. We show our desire to make our friendship clear.


Dame Hime Themis

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