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Corporation of Singapore Database


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The Corporation of Singapore

Manage and Operated by the Singacorp Conglomerate



Territories of Singapore




Government Description: Corporate administrated territory

Official Language: English

Conglomerate Headquarters: Singapore Territories

Corporate Headquarters: Harbin, Zargathia

Current Governing Body: Singapore Administrative Board ( S.A.B )

Current Chief Administrator: Chu Ying

Major Departments

Singapore Administrative Law

Singapore Security Department

Singapore Clientele Services

Singapore Health/Safety

Singapore Welcome Agency

Singapore Commerce Board

Singapore Inquiry Agency

Department of Treasury

Singapore Education Agency

Singapore Tourism Agency

Department of Marketing

External Affairs

Section 3

Current Year Budget: $523,686,000

Estimated Returns For Year: $-326,000,000

Total Investments to Date: $1,993,400,000

Investments this Year: $1,993,400,000

Projected Next Year Budget: $2,191,086,000


Clientele Residential - 21,120

Employed Residential - 6,721

Total Permanent Residents: 27,841


Ethnicity - Han Chinese 12%, Singaporean 75%, European 8%, Other 4%


GDP per Capita: $/NS34,087

Industries: Primary - 0%/ Secondary - 12%/ Tertiary - 88%

Major Industries: refining oil, rubber, retail, shipping, tourism


Singapore Investment Accounts

Federal Republic of Grøenlandia -

Singapore Shipping International

NS 40 million invested ----- NS 46 million return in 10 years, VIP status



Singapore Shipping International

NS 10 million invested ----- NS 11.5 million return in 10 years, VIP status


Promised Land

Singapore Shipping International

NS 50 million invested ----- NS 57.5 million return in 10 years, VIP status

Singapore Real Estate Redevelopment Project

NS 500 million invested ----- NS Central Area Shareholder (5% all Central Area real estate revenue)




1 billion marks ---- repay when able


Kingdom of Cochin

Singapore Shipping International

NS 40 million invested ----- NS 46 million return in 10 years, VIP status

ALON Manufacturing Plant

NS 250 million invested ---- Exclusive Sales Rights (20 years of plant operation)

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Amended and Signed by the Asiatic Unity Pact Congress and Singacorp Board of Directors - October 7th, 2012




Article I) The Asian Unity Pact Congress shall transfer administrative and security duties to SINGACORP, specifically to the Singapore Administrative Board ( S.A.B ) refer in Article II. Singacorp shall operate the Singapore Territories as private property under international convention and extra-judicial privileges outlined in article I & II of this contract.

Article II) Singacorp and its dependents shall operate under the guidance and authority of the Singapore Administrative Board ( S.A.B ), with its administrative member selected from both AUP and Singacorp recommendations. Special privileges and seniority shall be afforded to the Chief Administrator (Chu Ying). Executive power to make decisions regarding administration, security, contracts, and local bylaw shall be given to the S.A.B, under the restriction of AUP oversight and rules of Article III charter.

Article III) A Charter of Rights and Limitations shall exist to provide internal oversight and restriction on the executive power of the S.A.B under Article II. The Charter shall provide all dependents and residents within the property of Singapore with basic human rights and protection against unlawful or excessive actions by the the S.A.B and its deputies. All decisions and policies undertaken by the S.A.B must conform to this Charter; If the AUP Congress finds S.A.B in violation of the Charter, AUP has reason and right to suspend article I and II without notice.

Article IV) The rights and privileges given to Singacorp under Article I cannot, under any circumstances, be sold/given/inherited/or defray to a third party not authorized by the AUP. In the event that Singacorp ceases to exist or be unable to fulfill and operate the contract, control over Singapore shall return to the AUP Congress or its successor.

Article V) This article outlines the general guidelines and obligations of reconstruction, administration, and security. Singacorp and the S.A.B are expected to fulfill contract duties and obligations on restoring and maintaining infrastructure, law and order, public services, and economic growth in Singapore. These include utilities, security and law, marketing and promotion, health and safety, transportation, financial, zoning, housing etc. Reconstruction must be conducted on a timely schedule and a bi-annually status report must be submitted to AUP auditors for evaluation. If the AUP finds Singacorp of not meeting or neglecting these contract obligations, AUP must inform Singacorp of any shortfalls or violations and allow Singacorp 30 days to resolve or dispute them. If Singacorp fails to comply or appeal after the 30 day grace period, administrative and judicial privileges afforded to Singacorp in the contract can be suspended or revoked by the AUP indefinitely.

Article VI) Singacorp and AUP may mutually come together to amend or expand the statutes of this contract at any time. Withdrawal or amendment to the contract without consent from the other party will be seen as a breach of contract and penalties levied.

Article VII) Any annual net proceeds made from Singacorp commercial operations in Singapore must be allotted and a percentage paid to AUP for the cost of meltdown and radiation cleanup undertaken by the AUP governments in Singapore. Investments and loans do not count towards this net proceed, and the percentage dependent on the amount of revenue. No percentage shall be taken if no net profit was made. Singacorp shall continue to pay these percentages until the bill of $32,932,366,000 + $3,200,000,000 interest has be cleared.

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