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Economic Boom in Kitex causes corporations to spring up!


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Comet Inc.

Comet Inc. was started by Jeremy Mitchum about 1 year ago and has grown by 55% in the last six months. They have recently been awarded by the DOD a 10 year contract worth $250 million to produce F-15s, Predators, and a missile defense system for Kitex.

Armored Inc.

Last Thursday, the companies Turret, Humvee United, and Abrams merged together to form Armored Inc and is now led by CEO Richard Orman. They are now the sole makers of M1A2 tanks and all armored vehicles in Kitex. They also have been awarded by the DOD a 7 year contract to produce M1A2 tanks and all other armored vehicles for the Kitexian military.

Devlin Inc.

Formed by Lisa Andrews 9 months ago, Devlin Inc. has grown by 20% in the last two months and they too have been awarded by the DOD a 10 year $150 million contract to produce all guns and military uniforms for the military.

Please note: It may seem that the Kitexian military is heavily reliant on contractors, but in actuality these contracts are to help better Kitexian businesses until they can hold their own, also all defense companies in Kitex are regulated. For every product they sell to the military, they may only make a 150-180% profit. If they wish to sell to others, they may charge going market prices.

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