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Sercan Announcements


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The President walks on to a large podium,standing infront of a crowd 50,000 large. The following announcements will show the world that Serca is an upcoming power.

"Hello fellow Sercans and residents of the world, When I took office, i promised to bring this nation into the world stage as a great power. Well I have news for you. We have successfully tested a Nuclear weapon. Our hard working scientist should be praised with the upmost repsect and honor for this great acheivement. The Kingdom of Serca is now a nuclear power!"

Cheers erupted over the news and still the president had even more.

"We have also acquired 2 nuclear powers Aircraft carriers. They have both been placed in our eastern fleet. With ever growing tensions in the world we must be able to properly defend oursleves as well as our waters and airspace thereof. That is all for now."

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The Kingdom of Cochin congratulates our fraternal allies, the Kingdom of Serca, on becoming a nuclear power. In times of peril it is indeed the duty of a government to secure the best possible avenues for defense of its realm.

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