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why i write such good posts


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why i write such good posts

such a good post is write now and then by certain person who are good at english, contrariwise other post is write now and then by certain person who are bad at english, i am a prior

first i spot the lie: there is piece said that i manipulate that prose to impress, it true, i am orator and leader

why i write this?

how do i live to make this

in breakfest i have egg and bread. my method of applying butter over my bread is this:

bread is put into a conflagration avun and cooked until i said

the bread is horizontal and made on a plate

i do the butter over the bread at a horizontal angle with a sword of butter

i lick the butter on plate to see if it is eunoia

make good i eat

this was my breakfest routine, and show the person how i do morning and become for you what i do.

in days i long walk the surface lands and collect berries

i go to the preist culture and ask for ribbon and tastle and then do quakes-dance of guilt-throb to the sky.

i watch the birds and see there pursuit. i hope to i am a bird. they ask if i am the most important leader of this century in cybernations, yea, is greatest of the great

the night i am wrap in clothes and sweat the beads to say i am boy

preparation of league of autonomous boy alliance announcements

four breaths, in and up, then i make post

i write and i gulp and i post, and i exspire in vain rush of faith as press post and await the unscrulpulous criticism of the dumb and praise of the wise

this is who i write to be, or not to be(shavespear), that is the write

my next post: how to solve all bob problems by me

memoir of a boy 10/10/09


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