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Conflicting Beliefs


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For weeks, the battle on the small stretch of land between Varangia and Crimea was a stalemate. Distopyan Hohlman B-21 Tactical Bombers had bombed the border so much that the border land became a river. Troops on the Distopyan side dug into long-standing bunkers, while soldier after soldier on the Varangian side was gunned down. It looked more like World War 1 than any war in the modern era.


"Why the hell aren't we getting through the border?" The Kaiser asked, slamming his fist down on the map.

"There's too much fire. Every time a tank crosses the line, it's blown up. Every time a soldier sets foot on the border, he ends up mutilated. We can't get a single piece of armor across there," The Feldmarschall said.

"Then bomb their positions!"

The Luftmarschall spoke up, "Their fighters are much more superior to ours. Their Hohlman A-24s and F15E+s are completely destroying our Eurofighters."

"What about naval support?"

The Grand Admiral nodded to the Luftmarschall.

"Alright," the Kaiser said calmly, "I want someone to tell me how two guys-pretty much college kids-are annihilating our armies. I want someone to tell me now, or you're all fired. Got that?"

The room was silent.

The Kaiser flipped over the table in a fit of anger. "I want every single piece of armor and every soldier assaulting that border at once!"

The Feldmarschall spoke up, "There's no way. They'd be even more of a target."

"Then give me an answer!"

"Sir, why does it matter? They're not even an important target, nothing is stationed there. The most we can hope for is diplomatic rela-"

"Get out of my office now. You're no longer the feldmarschall."

"Alright, then I want to ask what the $%&@ are you thinking, why the hell are we attacking this small nation?"


"Is it because they embarrassed you on an international le-"

"Get out now!" Vinzent removed a pistol from his jacket and pointed it at Jon.

"You think tha-" Vinzent shot the former feldmarschall.

"Luftmarschall Valgard Valdyreit, I am merging the luftforsvaret and the herlið together. You are now Großmarschall Valdyreit."

"Yes sir."

"Now, I want you to reroute every single soldier and armor to the Crimean border."

"As a man with half a brain, I must respectfully decline that offer, sir."

"Then I'll respectfully discharge you." Vinzent shot Valgard in the chest, and then pointed the gun at the Grand Admiral.

"You've gone crazy, Vinzent." The Kaiser shot the angered Admiral in the stomach. As he clutched his hole, Vinzent dropped his gun on the floor and walked over to the window.

"I won't stop this war until all the Distopyans are dead. Starting now, all people claiming to be of the Distopyan party are to be executed."




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It had been a month now. Varangian forces were halved, and the small, yet elite force defending Crimea's borders ((I didn't multiply their half of my troops by 10, so they would be 10 times better than an average troop)) held out. The Varangian effort had grown tired. However, they had begun suicide bombing construction sites in Crimea.

Because of this, Vince Sixx made a televised address to the nation and the world. "People of Crimea, Varangia, and other nations who may be interested, for long now we have held out against a large force led by a leader who will go against his own constitution to make himself look better. We have taken the herlið well, however the recent suicide bombings of innocent civilians has angered both myself and Alvadr Betrakte.

Because of this, we are officially recognizing a state of war with the Varangian Empire. Our bombing forces have already begun to bomb military targets, and has been ordered to destroy the Varangian fleet. For now, the Air Force has been ordered to destroy all military targets in the way of our invasion.

We do not intend to take over Varangia. Varangia belongs in the hands of the Varangians, and not us Distopyans. No, our intent is only to control Kyisheim and force their government to surrender at the end of a gun. If need be, we will install a puppet government. Distopya has never been imperialist, but a few nations under the Distopyan banner have been: Forstellen, Norsvea and Austervania to name a few.

But, I digress. Our invasion will begin when the road is clear to Kyisheim."

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"We thank the government of Promised Land for their support." - Erik Betrakte


The last Varangian plane over the Crimean construction sites was destroyed. For now, the battlefield was quiet. Varangian troops held their ground on their side of the border, and Crimean troops held their fire in their emplacements on their side of the border. The bombers over Varangia had finished their job, and were now headed back to their bases on the Northern side of Crimea.

After three days of no fire, two black Leopard 2 tanks rolled up to the border. Then, two more rolled up to the border. Eventually, the entire border area between Varangia and Crimea was fully defended with Leopard 2 tanks. Behind them, Mobile Artillery Emplacements and a mass of soldiers.

The sound that broke the silence and caused the Varangian army to route was the sound of the armor being loaded with munitions. Finally, the assault on Varangia began.



The green shows infantry invasion routes

The blue shows air superiority patrol routes

the gold shows naval blockade.


"Wait," one of the military generals said to Erik, "you said we weren't going to occupy any of Varangia."

"That was until we received word from college and university students from all across southern Ukraine stating that they were declaring themselves Distopyans in protest."

"Well, that explains that, bu-"

"The reason we're invading so early, is just that. The Varangian government has said that being a Distopyan was treason, and that all Distopyans were to be executed. "

"I see. So we're setting up a puppet government in eastern Ukraine and Belarus?"

"That's right."

"Sounds good to me."

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The tanks rolled into Oðinsheim in the midst of an October rainshower. Artillery shells rained outside the city. There was nobody who could not here the sounds of war. Of course, many people chose to join the fight. University students with weapons had joined the Distopyan army. Molotov Cocktails exploded on Varangian military equipment.

Finally, the siege of the Althing began. The Distopyan army surrounded the building with tanks and infantry and filled the building with pepper gas. A group of university students led by a junior named Kristoffer Bolverkssen broke into the althing and killed the Varangian soldiers. When the all clear was given by Kristoffer, a squad of Grünmacht troops took the Kaiser and his ministers to an APC where they were placed under arrest.

The battle still raged on.

North of the Black Sea Coast, Kyisheim was a heated battle. The Varangians and the Distopyans had both resorted to trench warfare, but with help from the Distopyan Air Force, the Distopyan Army was able to advance, albiet very slowly. The goal in Kyisheim was the Varangian Herlið headquarters. Once the command of the army was taken out, the invasion would be easier.

Valkurheim was perhaps the hardest siege of all. The Distopyans did not want to harm any inch of the golden city, and the Varangians took advantage of that fact. No bombers could take out enemy positions, and no tanks could fire their major weapons, and artillery was out of the question. It was a bloody ground battle.


Valgard was brought into a large, dimly lit room. Musical instruments were spread about the room, pianos, guitars, harps, brass, wind, drums, everything. Valgard was sat on a bench with handcuffs on him. In front of him, the silhouette of Erik Betrakte played a large, white piano. In front of him, a screen showed the battle in Valkurheim. No building was damaged, but the streets were stained red.

Erik lamented in a low, singing voice, "Those streets will be permanently blood stained. All will remember the massacre at Valkurheim."

Valgard tried to speak up, but was cut off as the piano got faster and louder. Eventually it became softer, and then ended.

"You seem to be a master of all things musical," Valgard kissassed.

"You are an idiot," Erik replied, putting the key cover back down.

"I was complimenting you."

"I wasn't."

"Fair enough."

"Okay, you throw your troops at me for a month with no progress. You throw all of your military equipment at me. No progress. What the hell did you expect was going to happen?"

"When I saw word that your military was mobilizing, I knew exactly what was going to happen."

"Why so calm, Valgard? From what I hear, you were panicking two weeks ago, killing your military advisors. A good move, actually, they didn't seem to help much."

"Erik, you and Vince have outwitted me, outgunned me, and outnumbered me. What do you want?"


"Alright, ask away."

"You know the questions, Valgard." Erik stood up and grabbed an acoustic guitar, and played a recording of the piano. He played some soft chords over the recording.

"Are you recording this?"

"Not an answer. But yes, I am. I intend to title it: the Invasion of the Varangians or: Military Tactics 101."

Valgard furrowed his brow in irritation, "Erik, I don't know what the questions are. Just ask me."

"You're too calm, you must know something," Erik said playfully.

"You're a !@#$@#$ lunatic! I can't believe I !@#$@#$ lost a major war to you!" Valgard stood up and tried to stomp around in anger, but only succeeded in falling.

"You know, it's really hard to walk with your hands cuffed, much less huff and puff around."

"$%&@ you."

"And for that, I'm not going to pick you up. You're going to die there."

"Ask me a goddamn question!"

"Okay, were you trying to build nuclear weapons?"

"Yes. I was."


"Why else? To use them."

Erik put down his guitar and grabbed a Danish war axe. He stepped over to Valgard and leaned on the iron handle of the weapon. "I was second away from dying thanks to a nuclear weapon. Your family died due to a nuclear weapon, and the world was almost ended because of them. If you think I am unoffended, you're not fit to live in this world, much less rule it."

"Kill me."

"I'm not done. I want to know where you were enriching your Uranium."

"I'll never tell you."

"Well, it doesn't really matter, my military is just going to find it on their own, but you telling me would be nice."

"Chisinau. In the industrial district, under an abandoned hospital."

Erik looked at him in shock. "Another idiot move. You were testing it in the middle of a !@#$@#$ city?"

Valgard yelled back. "It wasn't my decision!"

"Then why call yourself a Kaiser! You were nothing more than a face on a nation!"

"I declared war on you, didn't I?"

"Yes, and I'm surprised you didn't try to launch a missile at me."

"We never got the rocket testing finished."

"Well, fortunately for you, we have discovered rockets. Well, scientists under my control have, when I was in charge of Norsvea, and I hold the blueprints. I never intend to put warheads in rockets, unless they are EMP charged, but the fact that you could have launched a nuclear weapon at us is frightening."

"I'm glad to know we vikings will threaten."


"The Varangian Rus, descendant of vikings."

"Interesting. We Distopyans are not viking descendant."

"It shows."

"Actually, the Caucasian Distopyans are vikings. My father, Arngeir Betrakte, was born in Iceland, married my mother in Sweden, and had me in the first Republic of Distopya."

"Nice story, brother. Kill me."

"As you wish, Kaiser Valdyreit."

Erik raised the axe above Valgard's head. Valgard closed his eyes and began to pray in old norse. Erik brought the axe down and Valgard screamed in pain. His cuffs were free.

"What?" Valgard moved his arms around to discover this fact. He then tried to push himself up, screamed in pain, and fell back down. He tried to grasp the hand.

Both his hands were missing.

Erik put the axe back on it's place on the wall. "I cut off your hands so that you may never launch a nuclear weapon." He then grabbed a vial from the same cabinet. "You will also never be able to give an order." The two guards walked over to hold Valgard down as Erik poured acid on his neck. Valgard screamed until he was no longer able to, at which point Erik neutralized the acid.

"Wear turtlenecks from now on," Erik said as he left through a door to his recording booth.

Two medics walked in from behind the door to tend to Valgard, who was trying to scream in immense pain.


A familiar song played on the televisions and radios of every Varangian. It was the song that Erik recorded, and it ended with Valgard's painful scream.

The voice of Vince Sixx spoke, "Varangian Army, lay down your weapons. Valgard Valdyreit no longer controls this nation, nor does anyone besides myself and Erik. If you resist, you will be arrested or shot, depending on your status within the former nation. the area of Oðinsheim and Moldavia will become part of the Distopyan Republic of Crimea, and the rest will be a territory until a new government is formed.

To all of you who proclaim to be Distopyans and assisted in the battle, we offer our gratitude. You may be granted full citizenship status within Crimea, and may join the military with medals and badges waiting for you. The students of Oðinsheim University will be given grants from the government of Crimea to continue their education, and the campus will be declared a National Heritage site.

Varangians, Russians, Ukrainians, and Byelorussians, take this opportunity to unite and try to start a new nation, one to hopefully become a world power. Thank you. Sigr Distopya."

The war was over.

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