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Diplomatic Meeting

king of cochin

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From: The Kingdom of Cochin

To: The United Mechodamian States


As we had requested during the Socotra incident the Kingdom of Cochin would like to send a diplomatic mission to discuss certain matters of mutual importance. We would like to know where we can send our mission to for the meeting.


KP Varma,

Minister for External Affairs,

The Kingdom of Cochin.

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To: Kingdom of Cochin

From: Sandoria, United Mechodamian States

Subject: Diplomatic Mission

Greetings likewise,

We would gladly host a delegate from your nation. Sandoria International Airport will suffice for this sort of meeting's need. Your aircraft will receive expressed permissions from air traffic control and once crossing the border, your aircraft will be escorted by two unarmed fighters to dissuade any planned hindrance.


UMS Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Simund St. Glackal

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Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Cochin, Vikram Kerala Varma, arrived at Sandoria International Airport after a brief stop at Bosaso to review the incidents in Socotra. With the fighter escort the G5 landed at the Airport and waited for UMS officials to conduct him to the meeting place.

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