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Aqua Trade Circle


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this trade circle will focus on sheer income:


Income: +20.5

citizens: +22.5%

Happiness: +13

Infra Cost: -9.8%

Tech Cost: -12.6%

Land cost: -5%

Land bonus: +15%


Soldier Efficiency: +18.8%

Soldier Cost: -$3

CM cost: -20%

Nuke cost: -20%

Tank Cost: -8%

Navy cost: -14.5%

Aircraft cost- -4%


Infra Upkeep: -10.8%

Soldier Upkeep: -%.5

Tank Upkeep: -12.6%

Nuke upkeep: -60%

Navy Upkeep: -38.4%

Aircraft Upkeep: -25%

Bonus Resources:


2-Affluent Population



Circle 1

Wheat- Lurunin

Uranium- Lurunin

Gold- James T Kirk

Gems- Kit Kisaragi

Coal- Wilderness

Silver- Musketaquid

Fish- James T Kirk

Lumber- Pikachujc

Oil- Kit Kisaragi

Wine- Pikachujc

Furs- Wilderness

Lead- Musketaquid

Circle 2 Complete

sugar- Wolfshaven

Uranium- Revolver

Gold- marine123

Gems- blckpnthr

Coal- truejedi

Silver- marine123

Fish- blckpnthr

Lumber- Revolver

Oil- Wolfshaven

Wine- Kehjistan

Furs- truejedi

Lead- Kehjistan

Trade Circle 3

Wheat- La Riquea


Gold- bigworm882001

Gems- bigworm882001


Silver- tgsx750f2000


Lumber- Sexykev


Wine- La Riquea

Furs- Sexykev

Lead- tgsx750f2000

Unplaced Nations:

Joe Shmoe- Fish and Gems

Random People Looking for trades:

Sokar- Coal and Rubber

ecbasile24- Pigs and Fur

If you'd like to join in:

Nation Name:

Nation Link:


Edited by Lurunin
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OP updated

and just as a reminder, this is an Aqua trade circle thread, so if you aren't on the aqua team alrdy, please make sure you are by the time the trades are ready to be set up

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Nvm this post, I'm doing a trade circle in my alliance.

fair enough

Have Aluminum and Gold if you're interested...

you're going to have to post your nation link, i can't find a nation by the name "MindTheGap" on SE

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Nation Name:gladian

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=309700

resources:Fish and gems.

I'm willing to change teams for a good tc

alright you are added and Trade Circle 2 is complete. I've sent out pm's to all in the circle. If someone in the circle does not offer you their trade by 3days in, please pm me in game or post here stating such.

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Thanks for completing this Lurunin. :rolleyes:

I have changed my team color to Aqua and waiting for the offers

alright good to hear, and i'm glad to be of some help.

still waiting on my circle to kick off though >.< lol

and i might add 2 more circles soon and hopefully get more nations in on this deal

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