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Well ladies and gentlemen...it's been awhile since I've taken up an alliance-related announcement on the public boards. Ever since the GDI-VE War, the main goals of me and my teammates have been to keep low, rebuild, and make plans on our future. For the past 51 days now, that's what we've been chipping away at...slowly and gradually, but surely none the less. We've reorganized with new IRC channels, forums, allies, and so forth, but for the most part we've been rather quiet, but sharp to respond if provoked in any way.

Our first big leap came along in foreign affairs when I poked around a bit to discuss the possibility of a protectorate pact for TFA. I eventually found my way to the New Sith Order, and after some ice-breaking discussions, found out that to my amazement NSO was glad to consider a protectorate agreement with our alliance.

And so, with a few days of going back and forth with different requirements and input, we finally came together with a treaty, which'll be posted following the posting of this DoE. In light of such an event, I believe that we have gained enough security, stability, and a forward base to declare our alliance as official. But what lies in the future for us? Frankly, I can't be sure about that. I have a few plans, some requiring certain events to happen which may or may not occur. Others will require those events to happen in the first place, and some will require a fair bit of luck. Some of us may have been shaken a bit, but frankly I don't see us nor myself retiring in the near future, unlike what I had expected. ;)

Henceforth, may it be known that on this day of October the 9'th, 2009 that the nations united together under the alliance affiliation of Task Force Alpha are hereby proclaimed and established as a formal coalition of nations in the Cyberverse.

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NSO Protectorate Agreement with Task Force Alpha


In the spirit of good will, friendship and second chances, the New Sith Order and Task Force Alpha do enter into this treaty of protection.

Article One – Sovereignty

Task Force Alpha retains all the rights of a sovereign alliance for the duration of this agreement. However, the New Sith Order does issue a Sith Executor to Task Force Alpha for as long as it is considered necessary. The Sith Executor serves to advise and assist the government of Task Force Alpha, and does not hold any official governmental authority.

Article Two – Protection

For the duration of this treaty, the New Sith Order agrees to protect Task Force Alpha from any and all unprovoked attacks. In addition to military protection, the Order will aid Tast Force Alpha through political and diplomatic channels when needed.

Article Three- Termination

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Should this agreement be terminated, Articles One and Two will remain in effect for twenty-four hours.

Signed for Task Force Alpha:

RyanGDI, Leader

Signed for the New Sith Order:

Ivan Moldavi, Dread Lord of Stromholde, Dark Lord of the Sith, Sovereign of the New Sith Order

The Darth Council

Sith Lord Doppelganger

Sith Lord Heft

Sith Lord Lennox

Sith Lord New Frontier

The Sith Council for Peace

Sith Master, LintWad

Sith Marauder, ConeBone

Sith Marauder, Rebel_Virginia

Sith Marauder, Wentworth

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NSO you are very brave.

While it has not always worked to our benefit, one of the Orders founding principles was that we were willing to give nations a second chance. We accept nations on ZI lists and hope to incorporate them into our community and we accept those that have been hard pressed to find a home in other alliances.

And we offer protection to those that would like to see themselves continue in the Cyberverse without the weight of their history upon their backs. A chance has been given, we hope it is not squandered or taken advantage of by others. Nothing more.

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NSO are good for the task, for the simple reasons that, if you step out of line at all, you'll get whacked back into it in no time, but if someone tries to knock you out of line, that someone will get knocked into a galaxy far, far away. :P (I'd take being whacked back into line over being sent flying through space any day.)

Good luck TFA.

o/ TFA

o/ NSO

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All hail us

Hail Anthony. B)

one of the Orders founding principles was that we were willing to give nations a second chance.

Potential backfiring aside, this is a just principle in my opinion.

Congrats guys, and good luck.

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