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Minilla Island annexes Java and surrounding areas.

Minilla Island

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Citizens of the World;

The Government of Java and surrounding areas, do to the collapse of their Government, has invited the Royal Republic of Minilla Island to annex the land and maintain order throughout Java. In the spirit of cooperation between neighbors, Minilla Island has agreed to do this. In order to extend order through the chaos that is happening in Java, His Royal Highness, King Raymond II, has authorized 250,000 troops and the Fifth and Sixth Fleets to help in the efforts of maintaining order and security. Again, the Royal Republic annexes ALL of Javan territory.

To this end, once security has been maintained, we will be stationing 75,000 troops on Javan soil, and adding 25,000 troops to the AUP protectorate in the former New Cymru, and 500 troops to the AUP protectorate in whats left of the former Yawoo.

It is a great day for Minilla Island! It is a great day for the Pacific!

As it is written, as it shall be done.


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Selenarctos does likewise, however we hope with the additional people/races in your country that you attempt to tone down the xenophobia.

OOC: That was the National Front, an ultra-nationalist Party that is in the November 7th snap election.

IC: Can you explain to me, where any member of Government has ever uttered the slightest in xenophobic tendencies?

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