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DHP Cable News:

A transcript from this morning between Pete Fryoff and Foreign Minister ShouldU Dekme.

Pete Fryoff: Good Morning Gasturnians, this morning we have Foreign Minister Dekme to talk about the new shift in Foreign policy in regards to nuclear weapons. Good morning Minister Dekme.

Minister Dekme: Good morning.

Fryoff: Minister, since the annoucement yesterday, there has been some concern from your opposition on the new stance. Many Gasturnians simple don't understand the need for such weapons of mass destruction especially since we are a new nation and seriously not a threat to anyone. So why the new position?

Minister Dekme: The President has become concern as of late in regards to many new rogue nations bent on destruction and their obsession for power. It is true that Gasturnia is not a threat to any nation at the moment but that doesn't mean we are exempt from raiders or other rogue nations wishing for our destruction. We must remain vigillant for the people. That is why we have changed our position on this matter.

Fryoff: With such an aggressive stance, won't that put a target on our backs?

Minister Dekme: Of course not. It will show the other nations that we are resolved in our course to be at peace.

Fryoff: There must be some concern from the administration since the President has increased the number of our troops to 200.

Minister Dekme: A small number compared to the huge number of military forces held by the alliances and some of the other independent nations.

(End of Part One of Transcript)

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(Part Two of Transcript)

Fryoff: Many feel that Gasturnia should join an alliance. Why has the President taken such a stand against alliances?

Minister Dekoff: We are still looking into how joining an alliance can benefit our people. At this time, we feel that joining an alliance would be counter-productive to our goals. The complexities of the current alliances speak for themselves. We do not wish at this time to be involved in complex diplomacy that has gone on long before we became a nation. Perhaps, in the future, our policy on this matter will change.

Fryoff: Would it not be beneficial to our country to join an alliance that would help in trade matters? We've been slow to produce trade agreements since the birth of our nation.

Minister Dekoff: This is a question for the Trade Minister. I will say, however, that our efforts to improve relations with other nations is an on-going effort.

Fryoff: The President will hold his first press conference on Sunday. Should we be prepared for any significant policy changes after the nuclear one?

Minister Dekoff: Nothing I am aware of at the moment.

Fryoff: Thank you Minister, please come back soon.

Minister Dekoff: It will be an honor.

Fryoff: And that's it for this segment of the show. The group of six is next so stay tune.

(End of Transcript)

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