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OMFG Time to party

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A long time ago, back when people still referred to time as Kronos, Giants roamed the earth. These vile creatures did not know pity, and destroyed everything in their path. What was an ordinary man to do? Time passed, and he started to realise, the time for the ordinary had passed, it was now Time to be Brave.

It's Time to be Brave.

Article I: Optional Defense

A. In the event that one signatory is attacked by a third party, they may ask for assistance from the other signatory. This assistance can include political support, monetary aid, military support, or sanctions against the aggressor. Neither signatory is required to support the other, however it is highly encouraged that aid is provided.

B. Once a request for assistance is lodged, the other signatory will decide whether or not to grant the request, inform the requesting signatory of this decision and act upon it within a reasonable time frame.

Article II: Aid and Intelligence

A. Both signatories agree to cooperate and help each other during peace-time. This shall include technical information, organizational assistance, and diplomatic aid.

B. Either signatory may request monetary aid from the other signatory at any time. Neither signatory is obligated to grant such a request, however it is encouraged.

C. If either signatory has information regarding a threat to or possible attack upon the other signatory, they shall be required to inform the other signatory immediately.

Article III: Upgrade

A. This treaty will come into review 90 days from the initial signing.

B. Following the outcome of the review, both parties will decide about a possible upgrade to an MDP.

Article IV: Cancellation and Amendment

A. If either signatory wishes to cancel the treaty, they must inform the other signatory with a clear explanation of the reasons privately. Upon this notice of cancellation, the treaty shall remain in effect for a 72-hour period, followed by a 96 hour non-aggression period during which neither signatory may attack the other.

B. This treaty may be amended at the agreement of both signatories.


For Kronos:

Epiphanus - Harbinger of Light

White Majik - Harbinger of Light

Heracles the Great - Harbinger of Light

Masterof9Puppets - Harbinger of War

Lazarus Long - Harbinger of Prosperity


Kill Joy - Chieftain

Bodebiek- Shaman Tribune

ClockworkOrange- Pathfinder Tribune

KageTheSecond- Vanguard Tribune

Jedaye DaGeordie- Tribal Elder


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The God of Time bestows his blessing upon these Ordinary Men and wishes them well upon their journey. May they find greatness in their fight against the Giants of this world.


o/ Kronos

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