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UMS-Acca Dacca talks

Acca Dacca

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OOC: I did not. :o


Grand Patriarch Callin received a memo via the communications department. A simple response was relayed:

Dear Acca Dacca,

It is with out great pleasure to pursue the Trust options with your nation. I will personally meet with your representative; just let us know the time and place, and we can make it happen.


Grand Patriarch Callin

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Dear Grand Patriarch Callin of the UMS,

We would like to ask you to come over at the soonest time that is good for you. Discussion topics asre ready and we are prepared whenever you are. You will most likely meet with our diplomat, Joan Gibbons in the port of Treasury Island in the Solomon Islands chain. There is a nearby airport so we will direct you there.


Queen Ava Jones of Acca Dacca

OOC: Happy Birthday Mr. SpacingOutMan. Do not worry about this topic, enjoy your day.

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