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Nordreich Liga - Season I


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WEEK 1 RESULTS - October 7 (hallftime score in brackets)

Scottoria FC vs Nordland 2-1 (1-0)

Northern Reich vs The Scimitars 0-0 (0-0)

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Nordenstrom United 0-2 (0-1)

FC Noordrijk vs Italia 1-0 (0-0)

WEEK 2 SCHEDULE - October 14

The Scimitars vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Italia vs Northern Reich

FC Noordrijk vs Scottoria FC

Nordland vs Nordenstrom United


NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs The Scimitars

Nordenstrom United vs Scottoria FC

Northern Reich vs Italia

Nordland vs FC Noordrijk

Herman Ólafsson of Nordenstorm United scored the first-ever league goal when Sven-Östein Haraldsson set him up for a shot in the penalty area against NVK Kaapstad Hornets goalkeeper Oskar Dietze just 1 minute ater the opening kick-off.

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So which one are you again Botha?

Kaapstad Hornets. Team will require a lot of work to make it into a contender. A lot of problem players to sort through and no offense apart from Ricardo. My money is on Nordenstrom to run away with it, as him and me are the only ones with any X11 experience.

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WEEK 2 RESULTS - October 14

The Scimitars vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets 1-2 (1-2)

Nordland vs Nordenstrom United 1-2 (0-0)

FC Noordrijk vs Scottoria FC 0-5 (0-3)

Italia vs Northern Reich 0-1 (0-1)

WEEK 3 SCHEDULE - October 21

Scottoria FC vs Italia

The Scimitars vs Nordland

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Northern Reich

Nordenstrom United vs FC Noordrijk

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WEEK 3 RESULTS - October 21

Scottoria FC vs Italia 5-0 (5-0)

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Northern Reich 1-1 (1-1)

The Scimitars vs Nordland 2-0 (0-0)

Nordenstrom United vs FC Noordrijk 5-1 (3-1)

WEEK 4 SCHEDULE - October 28

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Italia

Scottoria FC vs Nordenstrom United

FC Noordrijk vs The Scimitars

Nordland vs Northern Reich


8 Rusty Meredith (F) - Scottoria FC

5 Doinel Noureanu (MF) - Nordenstrom United

4 Sven-Östein Haraldsson (MF) - Nordenstrom United

4 Gilberto Bresciano (MF) - Scottoria FC


8 Rusty Meredith (F) - Scottoria FC

3 Doinel Noureanu (MF) - Nordenstrom United

2 Sven-Östein Haraldsson (MF) - Nordenstrom United

2 Arved Lokko (F) - Northern Reich

2 Tiburtino Piçarra (MF) - The Scimitars

2 Adrie de Korte (F) - FC Noordrijk

2 Herman Ólafsson (F) - Nordenstrom United


3 Kristján Sigurdson (MF) - Nordenstrom United

3 Rusty Meredith (F) - Scottoria FC

3 Hillo Maalepp (GK) - Northern Reich


11 Hillo Maalepp (GK) - Northern Reich

10 Rusty Meredith (F) - Scottoria FC

10 Dakarai Baako (MF) - NVK Kaapstad Hornets

10 Kristján Sigurdson (MF) - Nordenstrom United

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WEEK 4 RESULTS - October 28

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Italia 4-1 (3-1)

Scottoria FC vs Nordenstrom United 3-2 (2-0)

FC Noordrijk vs The Scimitars 2-3 (0-1)

Nordland vs Northern Reich 0-2 (0-0)

WEEK 5 SCHEDULE - November 4

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Nordland

Italia vs Nordenstrom United

Northern Reich vs FC Noordrijk

The Scimitars vs Scottoria FC

NORDREICH CUP FINALS - November 7 and 14

Nordenstrom United vs Scottoria FC

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November 7 and November 14 – Nordenstrom United (Baron Zemo) vs Northern Reich (st6mm)


GOALKEEPING: Edge to Northern Reich; keeper Hillo Maalepp is clearly the best keeper currently in the Nordreich Liga with a soild back-up in Oliver Miester who in his own right could be a starter for many clubs. Nordenstrom’s netminding is middle of the pack and relies solely on the heroics of Hélio Ferraz. The only other player likely capable of playing in net as an emergency back-up would be 18 year-old Arsi Ylén – who is also the least skilled player on the entire squad. An injury to Ferraz would spell disaster to Nord U and likely their fortunes for the season. Northern Reich currently has the highest form for keepers in the Liga while Nordenstrom down near the bottom. If Northern Reich wins the Cup, it will probably be the result of rock-solid goalkeeping from Maalepp.

FULLBACKS: Nordenstrom possesses the second strongest defense (behind Kaapstad) while Northern Reich has the worst. Reich is bolstered however with high defensive form right now, whether it is enough to narrow down the talent gap is unknown.

MIDFIELD: Nordenstrom again is near the top for strongest midfield while Reich toils near the bottom. Both teams have very high form in their midfield lines, should Nordenstrom win this is probably where it will be done.

ATTACK: Northern Reich has a slight edge both in talent and in current player form.

A TALE OF TWO TEAMS: While Nordenstrom has gone the route of buying up talent, Northern Reich is going for a more longterm road in investing in player development. These two teams will quickly develop a hate-on rivalry on the pitch as they face each other an unprecedented four times in an 18 day span – two cup games which after the November 14 final then immediately leads into their back-to-back league series.

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WEEK 5 RESULTS - November 4

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Nordland 2-0 (2-0)

Italia vs Nordenstrom United 0-4 (0-4)

Northern Reich vs FC Noordrijk 3-1 (3-0)

The Scimitars vs Scottoria FC 0-2 (0-1)


Italia vs Nordland

FC Noordrijk vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Nordenstrom United vs The Scimitars

Northern Reich vs Scottoria FC

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First leg of Final ends in 0-0 draw

Northern Reich and Nordenstrom United played to a 0-0 draw today in the first leg of the Nordreich Cup Finals - which sets up next week's second leg in Nordenstrom as a winner-takes-all barnburner.

Northern Reich played a stifling 4-5-1 defensive game in front of keeper Hillo Maalepp which shut down Nordenstrom's attack-minded 4-4-2 line-up and made life miserable for Nordenstrom playmaker Kristján Sigurdson. Goal-scoring opportunities were limited, with just 2 for Nordenstrom and 3 for Reich.

Overall, edge goes to Northern Reich in this match although Nordenstrom will enjoy the benefits of home advantage in what will be the decider. Form will be a factor and it will be interesting to see how the teams cope with that heading into the match as Northern Reich face a tough opponent in the guise of league-leading Scottoria in their league fixture this Wednesday while Nordenstrom will have a much easier time versus fifth-place Scimitars. Reich will have to train hard to recover should Scottoria defeat them as expected.

Hornets sign Namibian forward prospect

Kaapstad Hornets made a couple of unexpected roster changes this morning when injured veteran goalkeeper Tafadzwa Masamba was released so that Manager Bartnel Botha could sign promising junior prospect Desmond Nghaamwa.

“We lost Masamba to a nasty injury in our last cup match against Northern Reich and he would be out for our next four or five matches. While I would have kept him on, when Desmond Nghaamwa suddenly came on our scouting radar, he was just too good to pass up on despite us having a real glut of young forward prospects.”

“In the past month we have been most fortunate in acquiring two junior youngsters who will potentially evolve into quality players in two or three seasons. Last month we signed chippy speedster Sipho Griekwa, who we are grooming to take over freekicking duties when Izmir Jejaz is not available, and now comes Desmond, who hails from Namibia and very fast and adept at heading the ball. Combine these two with Harald Heidrich and Bernie Forbes acquired off the transfer wire and we now have the core future of attack for the next 10 or so seasons.”

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Italia vs Nordland 1-2 (1-1)

FC Noordrijk vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets 3-4 (0-1)

Nordenstrom United vs The Scimitars 4-1 (3-0)

Northern Reich vs Scottoria FC 1-0 (1-0)


Nordenstrom United vs Northern Reich

Scottoria FC vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets

Nordland vs FC Noordrijk

The Scimitars vs Italia


Novmeber 7 - Northern Reich vs Nordenstrom 0-0

November 14 - Nordenstrom vs Northern Reich

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Nordenstrom are Nordreich Cup victors

Nordenstrom United 1, Northern Reich 0

A capacity crowd at Martyrs Field in Nordenstrom were overjoyed as their hometown heroes walked away with the inaugural Nordreich Cup championship. Midfielder Kristján Sigurdson booted home a penalty kick in what would be the lone goal of the entire final series.

Referee Ian Hartman got the match underway at half past nine o’clock on what was a brisk but clear morning. The opening stages were fairly uneventful although Nordenstrom United – in their all-green kit – maintained command of the ball for the first nine minutes before Northern Reich – who were sporting blue sweaters and black shorts – finally gained some possession.

Four minutes later, the Reich coughed up the ball to their opponents which then set up midfielder Gláucio Espada for a lobbed header which was deftly tapped over the crossbar by Reich’s star keeper Hillo Maalepp.

Arved Lokko of Northern Reich was booked for elbowing in the 23rd minute and the two teams engaged in some frenzied, back-and-forth play to regain better control. Nordenstrom finally re-gained the upper hand and worked the ball around to set up fullback Harald Helgason for an attempt off a flicked head. Surprisingly enough for the air-ball pro, Helgason was not even close as Maalepp watched it safety sail up and over him.

In the dying seconds before Referee Ian Harman blew the half-time whistle, Nordenstrom picked up their first yellow card when Hélio Ferraz was booked for dangerous play when he injured Northern Reich’s forward Tommi Liik slightly. Henrik Kerem was substituted in his place.

A couple of minutes after the second stanza got underway, Nordenstrom midfielder Sven-Östein Haraldsson had a dangerous attempt against Maalepp when a freekick was lifted up and Haraldsson half-volleyed it at goal. Once again, the stalwart Hillo Maalepp took care of the ball and kept Northern Reich’s hopes alive against what was proving to be a tough opponent to crack.

Nordenstrom was booked again in the 52nd minute when Örlygur Harðarson received a yellow card from Referee Ian Hartman for unsportsmanlike conduct – however Reich was unable to capitalise from the resulting free kick.

Nordenstrom’s captain, the midfielder Kristján Sigurdson was then set up for a real dangerous free kick attempt on goal in the 66th minute but he lost some of his footing and the ball missed by around three or four feet.

Reich fullback Thomas Kaiser then received a yellow card for brutal play a couple of minutes later.

At the 77th minute, the match’s first and only goal was scored when Nordenstrom United were awarded a penalty kick. Kristján Sigurdson, as team captain, stepped up for the attempt on Hillo Maalepp and he expertly curved the ball past the Northern Reich keeper. The home crowd erupted in cheering and Martyrs Field was never quiet again as the incessant cheering and singing urged the Nordenstorm players onwards to victory.

The remainder of the match was anti-climatic and there would be no last-minute heroics from Northern Reich, Sigurdson’s goal seeming to take the wind out of their sails. In the 83rd minute, Reich finally saw their first possession of the ball in the second half but by then it was too late. Reich would be held to zero shots on net for the entire match.

In the dying minutes, Anton Kruuv was booked for handling the ball and during the three minutes of overtime, Sven-Östein Haraldsson left the match after picking up a slight injury. Then in the 93rd minute, Referee Ian Hartmen blew the final whistle and pandemonium broke out as Nordenstrom fans ran onto the pitch to congratulate their new heroes.

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The Nordreich Liga is pleased to announce the commencement of its second cup tournament: the Baron Zemo Cup – a one-match-per-round tournament which will be played at neutral locations throughout Nordland to showcase the Nordreich Liga and build interest for future league expansion.

Unlike the Nordreich Cup which is the ‘annual’ league championship cup, the Baron Zemo Cup Competition will be the inaugural secondary tournament open for sponsorship. Instead of two seeded matches per round, the secondary tournament is a random-fixture, one-match winner-takes all format. Future secondary tournaments will feature different sponsorship opportunities to promote Nordreich Liga soccer football as well as Nordreich as a whole.


Nordland vs FC Noordrijk

Nordenstrom United vs Northern Reich

Scottoria FC vs The Scimitars

Italia vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets

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Nordland vs FC Noordrijk 1-0 (1-0)

Nordenstrom United vs Northern Reich 0-0 (0-0)

The Scimitars vs Italia 5-2 (3-1)

Scottoria FC vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets 4-1 (0-1)


FC Noordrijk vs Nordland 0-0 (0-0)

Italia vs The Scimitars 2-1 (0-0)

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs Scottoria FC 3-1 (1-0)

Northern Reich vs Nordenstrom United 2-0 (1-0)


Scottoria FC vs Northern Reich

The Scimitars vs Nordenstrom United

NVK Kaapstad Hornets vs FC Noordrijk

Nordland vs Italia


Rusty Meredith (Scottoria FC) 12

Dakarai Baako (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 9

Brian Kilfenora (Scottoria FC) 8

Tiburtino Piçarra (The Scimitars) 7


Rusty Meredith (Scottoria FC) 11

Brian Kilfenora (Scottoria FC) 5

Herman Ólafsson (Nordenstrom United) 5

Tiburtino Piçarra (The Scimitars) 5


Dakarai Baako (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 5

Kristján Sigurdson (Nordenstrom United) 4

Sven-Östein Haraldsson (Nordenstrom United) 4

Murtada Salih (The Scimitars) 4

Gilberto Bresciano (Scottoria FC) 4


Hillo Maalepp (Northern Reich) 8

Kristján Sigurdson (Nordenstrom United) 7

Dakarai Baako (NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 6

Dan Hooper (Scottoria FC) 6

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Hornets advance to Baron Zemo Cup final

Kaapstad Hornets handily defeated FC Noordrijk to advance to the Baron Zemo Open Cup finals. Nordreich Cup champions Nordenstrom United also advanced to the finals with a 4-0 drubbing of league leaders Scottoria FC. The Hornets now find themselves in the position of definite underdogs against a squad they have yet to walk away with a victory against Nordenstrom.

The match was much closer on the scoreboard than what it appeared on the pitch as NVK Kaapstad fielded a hodge-podge squad consisting of veterans and prospects. Sipho Griekwa gave the Hornets an early lead with his breakaway goal just two minutes into the match but it took the favourites another 74 minutes to bag their second tally when Transvaler football legend Ricardo van Deinsen headed the ball past a dazed Noordijk keeper Eric Hoekstra from a dangerous Eugene Tchami corner kick.

Kaapstad then scored their third goal when Hoekstra was beat yet again on a cornerkick set-play in the 82nd minute when Tchami connected the ball to Van Deinsen, who then deftly fed a waiting Izmir Jejaz to tap in. Otto Getzlaf assisted on the opening goal by Griekwa.

At the other end of the field, Hornets keeper Oskar Dietze faced just 3 shots while his opposite Hoekstra was 50% on saves from Kaapstad’s six attempts.

Nordenstrom United and NVK Kaapstad Hornets will faceoff on December 5 in what most observers are predicting to be a Nordenstrom walk-over with the Hornets outclassed for talent in all positions except defense – in which the Transvalers hold a distinct advantage despite their high goals-allowed during league play. The Hornets also dominate in player form across the board in the entire league and that will be critical if they are to have any chance breaking down the Nordreich Cup champions.

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Baron Zemo Cup remains in Nordenstrom

Despite almost an hour of play with an advantage in numbers, NVK Kaapstad Hornets were unable to pull off an upset comeback to defeat favourites Nordenstrom United for the Baron Zemo Open Cup.

“We played our hearts out with one of our best line-ups and efforts to date, but we simply could not get the ball past their keeper Hélio Ferraz” commented an exasperated Manager Bartnel Botha.

Nordenstrom took an early 2 goal lead after beating Hornets goalkeeper Oskar Dietze first on a penalty shot and then nine minutes later on a corner set-play. They then ran into some serious trouble when their lone forward in their 5-4-1 fromation, Herman Ólafsson, received a red card and was sent off in the 36th minute. Prospect forward Desmond Nghaamwa got the Hornets on the scorecard just minutes into the second half when Dakarai Baako set him up for a breakaway one-on-one to beat Ferraz. But Kaapstad were unable to find the equalizer despite outplaying Nordenstrom for the remainder of the match.

“I knew we would be in hard against them, going into the match, but when they saw their red card from Referee Laura Norder, we really needed to exploit opportunities like that and make the most of them – which we failed to capitalise on.”

With the two cup runs over for the season, the league and its teams can start to focus on the final five weeks and the horserace which has unfolded in the standings.

A single goal is all that separates Nordenstorm United and Scottoria from first place, with Northern Reich tied for points (19) with Nordenstrom and Scottoria despite not registering any league losses yet but stuck in third place on account of its greater number of draws. Kaapstad Hornets are close behind in fourth place with 16 points but a bungled loss at home this week versus FC Noordrijk has probably destroyed any hopes of stealing the championship.

Looking at ahead at the remaining schedule, two big money matches remain: the December 16 meeting between Nordenstrom United and Scottoria which will be critical in breaking the deadlock between the two leading sides, and the December 26 tilt between Northern Reich and the Hornets in which the visiting Hornets need the three points if they are to have any remote chance of moving up the table and finish better than fourth place.

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Italia vs FC Noordrijk

Nordenstrom United vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets

The Scimitars vs Northern Reich

Nordland vs Scottoria FC


January 8, 2010 - player updates and retirements; transfer market re-opens; new expansion teams are activated; team name changes approved, etc.

January 15, 2009 - projected start of Season II


Valkyries (expansion team) managed by Kaiser Gundislav while Italia has been taken over by CristianS after the departure of Junio Borghese. It is expected the club will be renamed during the off-season.

Edited by Botha
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As the Nordeich Liga heads into its final week and wraps up its debut season, there's been a lot of busy behind-the-scenes action in the past week or so.

First off, Kaiser Nemhauser graciously bestowed on the Liga its own forum on the Nordreich Forums.

Second of all, we have seen a rush of new managers getting on board and a flury of activity as the 11 teams look towards Season II. We have also opened the Liga doors to outsiders and anyone who has goodwill and is friendly towards Nordreich is welcome to join.

Here is how next season is currently stacking up as we are still patiently hoping for our decisive 12th member to join which will then allow the Liga to split into two divisions:

EXPANSION: We have seen C.S. Napoli (Crazy_Genug), FC Oder-Festung 1920 (Niflungland), Valkyries (Kaiser Gundislav), and Vlaamsche Boerkens (Foumpie) join the ranks as new clubs.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: CristianS took over the last-place Italia club formerly managed by Junio Borghese.

REVAMPING THEIR IMAGE: Three clubs plan to undergo renaming, with Northern Reich becoming Dorpat Lions; Noordrijk FC becoming Neon City, and Nordenstrom United becoming Zemo City Avengers as the Liga takes on more of a club feel.

HANGING BY A THREAD: Lastly Nordland's manager was sacked and will close up shop at the end of the season unless a new manager takes over (insert :sad trombone:)

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1. Brian Kilfernora (F - Scottoria FC) 17

2. Dakarai Baako (MF - NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 13

2. Doinel Noureanu (MF - Nordenstrom United) 13

4. Rusty Meredith (F - Scottoria FC) 12

5. 5 players with 9 points


1. Brian Kilfernora (F - Scottoria FC) 11

1. Rusty Meredith (F - Scottoria FC) 11

3. Arved Lokko (F - Northern Reich) 8

4. Doinel Noureanu (MF - Nordenstrom United) 7

4. Tiburtino Piçarra (MF - The Scimitars) 7


1. Dakarai Baako (MF - NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 8

2. Gláucio Espada (MF - Nordenstrom United) 7

3. Brian Kilfernora (F - Scottoria FC) 6

3. Doinel Noureanu (MF - Nordenstrom United) 6

5. 6 players with 5 assists


1. Hillo Maalepp (GK - Northern Reich) 14

2. Kristján Sigurdson (MF - Nordenstrom United) 12

2. Dan Hooper (D - Scottoria FC) 12

4. Dakarai Baako (MF - NVK Kaapstad Hornets) 8

4. Henrik Kerem (F - Northern Reich) 8

4. Örlygur Harðarson (D - Nordenstrom United) 8

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JANUARY 6, 2010 - Most Sportsmanlike Team Award

Commissioner Botha announced today that Scottoria FC would receive the Commissioners Fairplay Bowl as the Liga's most sportsmanlike team in the Nordreich Liga based on accumulating the least number of bookings during the season.

JANUARY 8, 2010 - Norwood86 manager of the season

Scottoria FC collected more Liga awards today when Norwood86 was named Nordreich Liga Manager of the Season.

In fourteen weeks of play, Norwood86 received 9 Manager of the Week X11 selections. In the remaining weeks, Baron Zemo was named Manager of the Week three times while Botha was named twice.

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