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Announcement from the NAC


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Official Announcement From the North American Confederacy (NAC)

Due to events beyond my control and an ever changing schedule, it has become more and more difficult for me to remain consistently active here in CN. My drive and passion for the NAC has never left and never will, but, my ability to be as active as needed to run an alliance has been taken from me by circumstance. And it could have a negative effect on my alliance members and our allies. So I wish to announce a Change of Command for the North American Confederacy.

For the betterment of my alliance, I hereby resign as President of the NAC. Effective immediately. I name Shavar of Shavar my replacement and swear my absolute loyalty to him as President.

Since the beginning of the NAC back in October of 2008, I (as Rattlehead and Hellbilly) have been the President of the this alliance. I am very proud of that. I have made some good and bad decisions. And have seen good and bad times. But the one thing I have always had is a very consistent and competent Vice President to rely on. Shavar helped me co-found the alliance and has supported and assisted me in every decision and every change made for the NAC. Over the last couple of weeks my activity has been sporadic at best and it has made things more difficult for my alliance government. In my absence my best friend and co-founder Shavar has stepped up to the plate and has gotten things done in a Presidential manner.

I was offered and shall take the office of Vice President of the NAC.

. Now on with the festivities!!!!

Congratulation to my friend and ally, Shavar!

Long live the NAC!!!

signed: Hellbilly of Hades


Swing by #nac for festivities and half priced beer. He may be the new President.. but he is still cheap.

LOL !!


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Thanks Hellbilly ... Anybody who has been around us knows that we work well together and this move will not make a major change in the direction this alliance is heading. It has been a pleasure working beside you from the start and I can only imagine how much better it will be now that I am in charge :)

All jokes aside I am excited to take the lead role and help this alliance move forward.We have a very strong Government and as long as we all continue to work together there is no limit on what we can do.

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Sorry to hear about the circumstances for this, but I'd like to raise a glass to responsible government and an orderly exchange of power.

The time it takes to run an alliance is significant and Hellbilly recognizing his limitations and stepping back for the good of his alliance makes me proud to call NAC a purple brother.

Congrats to Shavar, may your reign be long and fruitful. :P

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Leadership that cares more for the good of their alliance than for their own power makes me smile.

NAC, you have awesome leaders. Treat them well.

She always says things so well. So i will simply quote this and wish Hellbilly luck in RL hope that it will release you back to us soon and Congrats to Shavar.

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