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A Bruised Pact


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It brings me great pleasure to present this on behalf of Purple Unity and Orbit Black .


I. Preamble

Orbit Black thinks Purple Unity is pretty swell. Purple Unity thinks Orbit Black is pretty swell too.

II. Non-Aggression

Both signatories agree not to engage in hostile actions, including but not limited to military action, spy operations or intelligence gathering of confidential alliance information in regards to the other signatory.

III. Respect

Both signatories agree to treaty the membership of the other with respect. Issues arising between alliance shall be dealt with through official channels at the government level.

IV. Modification

This treaty may be modified by written agreement of both signatories. The changes to this treaty will be effective immediately upon signing of the modifications.

V. Termination

Either signatory may cancel the treaty at any time by written notice to the other signatory. Both members shall be bound by the terms of this treaty for a period of 48 hours after the written notice of termination is given.

Signed for Purple Unity:

Lord Fingolfin of Dorthonion, Preisdent

Nascar8fanga of The Republic of Acturea, Vice President

Nascar8fanga of The Republic of Acturea, Temporary Director of Foreign Affairs

Nascar8fanga of The Republic of Acturea, Temporary Director of War

~Rudekker of Milwaukee, Assistant Director of War

~Stackz p of UN4000 , Assistant Director of War

Sniper620 of Pootertopia, Director of Internal Affairs

TI Bolt of Minnesnowda, Director of Trades

Old Guy of PU

Signed for Orbit Black:

Gary8, The Demon Rocker, Leader

Qazzian, Minister of Internal and Foreign Affairs,

jhannaway, Minister of War

tl;dr. It's a NAP. Says so in the title. Why would you click this if you were just going to skip it?

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