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Moon Hotspot coordinate precision (again)

Provost Zakharov

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Hi, I see the last thread was misunderstood, and got locked. So let's try again.

We've done extensive research on the math behind finding the hotspot. We're now at the point where it is conclusive that the hotspot does not have integer coordinates like it did the first time.

We would like to know the precision of the hotspot because it will allow us to make an important decision: Do we continue the search for the elusive 100% or do we cut our losses because 99% is the best achievable anyways. It may be feasible to find the 100% spot if it has just 1 or 2 decimal places.

Of course, admin doesn't have to reveal this information. But if I were admin, I would not want to see my players wasting their cash going on a wild goose chase. We just want to know if there is any point going further, that's all.

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