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8br Trade Circle - Purple Sphere


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Aluminum - Cherryman13

Coal - Shahsatyan

Gems - Thissstupid

Gold - Simonian Emperor

Iron - Illyich Zhukov

Lead - Thissstupid

Lumber - Shahsatyan

Marble - John Winthrop

Oil - Cherryman13

Rubber - Illyich Zhukov

Silver - John Winthrop

Uranium - Simonian Emperor

8BR: Microchips, Fine Jewelry, Steel, Asphalt, Automobiles, Construction, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars

Please know how a trade circle works.

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The TC I am in isn't really working and it looks like Simonian Emperor is already in a different one, so if lumber and uranium is needed I will join.

He only has full trades as a temp thing, not in a circle, but if room opens up I'll keep you in mind

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