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The Confederation of Independent States (CoIS)


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Are you currently unallied? Unsatisfied with your current alliance? Join the Confederation of Independent States now, and have a hand in governing one of the newer alliances in Cyber Nations!

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Charter of the Confederation of Independent States

Article One: Membership

The Confederation of Independent States (herein referred to as CoIS) is a loose confederation of free nations, led by the President of the CoIS.

Any nation joining the CoIS will have to sign the following in order to join within this alliance:

1. The Nation's Name

2. The Nation's Ruler

3. The Nation's Current Strength

4. The Nation's Resources

5. Link To The Nation

A member nation may be kicked out only by a majority vote of the members of the CoIS.

Article Two: The CoIS Government

The government of the CoIS shall be comprised of the President, who shall have the authority to accept member nations, declare war upon an alliance, and mediate with warring nations. He shall be able to appoint a Cabinet of Ministers, which will divide the various duties of the Presidential office.

The President may be replaced by a majority vote, and the Cabinet members (appointed by the President) may be replace by a two thirds vote.

Article Three: War

The member nations of the CoIS are free to carry out offensive attacks upon unallied nations. Only by the permission of the President or a Cabinet member acting with the authority of the President may any member nation attack any allied enemy nation.

If any member nation of the CoIS is attacked, the other member nations will be expected to help defend their attacked ally. If the President declares war upon any alliance, the member nations will be expected to declare war as well.

Article Four: Bill of Rights for Member Nations

Amendment One

The right to free speech shall not be infringed upon by the CoIS.

Amendement Two

A well regulated Military, being necessary to the security of a free State, shall not be infringed.

Amendment Three

The enumeration in this Charter, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the member nations of the CoIS.

Amendment Four

The powers not delegated to the CoIS by this Charter, nor prohibited by it to the member states, are reserved to the member states respectively.

Amendment Five

Two thirds vote shall be the requirment for any new amendments to the Charter.

Amendment Six

The Official Color of the CoIS shall be Aqua. All member nations shall be required to change their color to the Official Color.

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