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GDA Treaty Announcement

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The GDA has been friends and the protector of ICB since before their creation. With their new growth and maturation both parties felt that a upgrade was in order so after a huge party (which took days to recover from), and the subsequent punishment of some gov members (through making them write the treaty of course) We signed a MDP. Therefore, I am glad to announce this new treaty

The Beard Has Eyes...And Nukes Treaty



In recognition of the mutual support, respect, and friendship the Global Democratic Alliance and The Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau hold for each other, we hereby publicly announce our intent to defend, support, and aid each other through the best, and worst of times.

Article I: Sovereignty

Brengstklau and The Global Democratic Alliance agree to respect each other’s sovereignty in alliance affairs, however co-ordination between governments is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.

Article II: Conduct

Both signatories agree to not act in hostility, espionage, or uncivil conduct toward each other for the duration of this treaty. Respect, support, and civility shall remain a goal between both alliances.

Article III: Aid

In the event of war of defensive nature involving either signatory of this treaty, both signatories are required to provide military assistance if requested by the defending signatory. Both signatories are highly encouraged to offer diplomatic support and intelligence to the other. Financial assistance is completely optional.

Article IV: Modification

Modifications may be made to this treaty as deemed fit by both signatories upon agreement between both alliances.

Article V: Cancellation

This treaty may be canceled by GDA or ICB, provided that there has been prior private notification of cancellation. Upon notification, this treaty will remain in effect for seventy-two hours before all articles held within are null and void.


Signed for Global Democratic Alliance,

Masterfod, President

PopCap, Minister of Foreign Affairs

SippyJuice, Minister of Internal Affairs

Signed for Brengstklau,

2Burnt2eat, Emperor

Nick Bar, Minister of Defense

Freakwars, Minister of Foreign Affairs

GiuseppeG, Minister of Interior Affairs

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